security screw on chastity device
This security screw locks my cage onto my penis. It requires a special tool to remove. Click image for wider view from the other side.

I’ve never gotten used to the idea of being locked into something 24/7. Sure, I’ve been tied up, had wrist and ankle restraints padlocked on me. But, after the play session ended, the locks came off. Since my play partners have always been safe, I was never left alone while restrained. Then, along came enforced chastity.

The chastity device is locked over my penis. I can’t escape it without a lot of very painful effort. If I do manage to get it off, I can’t get it back on. The point is that there is something attached to my body that I can’t remove. Since I am naked at home (on cold days, I can wear a t-shirt), my locked genitals are always visible.

When I discuss how it feels to be locked up, Mrs. Lion argues that I asked for it. I am getting what I want. That request was over four years ago. When I mentioned that to her, she shrugged and repeated that I asked for it.

That doesn’t change the frequent feelings of helplessness that goes with locking away a part of my body. It doesn’t change the way my balls are permanently pushed out and exposed. The normal male ball shrinkage is unavailable to me. I am acutely aware of that.

All this is concealed when wearing clothes. Only when things get a bit out of line and pinch, am I aware that I have something locked onto my body. It’s there under my jeans, almost invisible. But if you know what to look for, you might spot it. Part of the thrill is the slight risk of discovery. Yes, even after four years, the feeling doesn’t fade completely into the background.

Wearing a chastity device is unlike any other experience I’ve had. It doesn’t matter that I have an emergency key that I can use to unlock myself. Using that would be an admission of defeat.

The feelings associated with wearing a chastity device are incredibly complicated for me. Yes, it’s simple to be locked into one. The mechanics are easy. What does that device locked on my cock mean to my partner? How does she think of it? Is her view that it is a toy I wanted her to lock onto me? Or, does she view it another way?

I know that Mrs. Lion was happy when I was wild. The device didn’t seem to have any particular value to her in terms of our relationship. I wonder if this isn’t something that only matters to me. She’s willing to enforce my wearing it. But why? She isn’t worried I will jerk off or find another lioness for some extra curricular fun. But I will get hard, even help myself get an erection sometimes if I am wild. She hasn’t said that she minds that I did that but could that be something she wants to discourage?

I want to think of the device locked on my penis as something I can’t control. I don’t want to think of it as penis jewelry that I like to wear. I want it to be more than a symbol. I know why I wanted to be locked up. I’m pretty sure that Mrs. Lion doesn’t think of the chastity device the way I want her to. You’d think that after all this time we would have worked all this out. But we haven’t. I don’t think it is a requirement that we do.

Just sayin’.


I realized last night that Lion never reminded me about punishment day on Monday. Good thing it was a holiday. I guess that was another Christmas present for him. In keeping with my forgetfulness, just before bed last night, Lion asked if I was forgetting something. Well, duh. Yes. I forgot to lock him up. I told him he was a good boy for reminding me. I doubt I would have remembered until I went to unlock him tonight.

In other news, I was pretty relentless when I edged him. I didn’t give him more than a minute between tries. He produced some pre-cum for me. Good stuff.

We haven’t done anything other than edging lately. I think I concentrate so much on his horniness and edging him that I forget about other things. The other day Lion said he hasn’t had anything up his ass in a while and if I want to keep him open I should do it more often. I know that. And sometimes I chalk these comments up to nagging or Lion never being happy with what I do for him. But the truth is that I should play with him more often. Not specifically anal necessarily but everything.

I won’t go so far as to suggest we have a Velcro night or clothespin night scheduled, but I do need some sort of structure. Maybe Friday night needs to be play night. No set idea. Just play. Blindfold, bondage, play spanking, menthol rubs, anything. We’ll discuss it and decide if we need to go that far.

Our house rule.

We’re beginning our fifth year of male chastity. I’m back in the Jail Bird again for a little over a week. It feels as though no time has passed since I stopped wearing it last April. It’s appropriate to begin the year as we began our journey in December 2013. I’m amazed that we are still at it.

I know that a lot of people claim that there is an organic reason for a man to surrender power to a woman. Some of the more bizarre communications we’ve received claim that God ordained female superiority and He intended all males to be caged. Please! Other guys believe that they are organically submissive and need the firm hand of a woman. This is certainly plausible. But it isn’t true of me.

It’s actually possible for enforced chastity to exist in a marital partnership. We manage to do it. I’ve given and Mrs. Lion has accepted my sexual surrender. That doesn’t mean I am now a child and Mrs. Lion my mother. We are still husband and wife. We care for each other. We share responsibilities and we share chores. We love one another.

Nothing has changed beyond two things: Mrs. Lion wins in the event of a dispute. And, sex is completely under her control. In terms of what we write here, that’s a big deal. However, our lives go on, unchanged from before we started all this. We go to work. We pay the bills, cook, do the laundry, and love one another more and more each day.

Sexual activity is confined to an hour or less each day. We don’t have elaborate dominant/submissive rituals. No one would guess we have any sort of sexual power exchange. I’m sure that’s true of almost every other couple who shares our interests. Chastity becomes part of the daily routine. The novelty, for us, wore off years ago. Yet, we find ways to keep things interesting.

I think that a big reason more people don’t practice male chastity, at least for long, is that the male expectation is that life as he knows it will change radically because he has his cock locked up. If you think about how much of your day sex occupies, you will realize that no matter how horny you both may be, sex probably takes less than 10 percent of your day. A lot less.

If you recognize this, then it won’t seem odd that wearing a chastity device isn’t going to change your life. Your wife may indeed imperiously rule your sex life. But that won’t take up too much of her day, or yours. You may spend hours and hours fantasizing, but your partner won’t. If you remember that, your adventure in male chastity will last a long time, like ours.

Sometimes Lion gets loopy at night. We haven’t been able to figure out why this happens. He’s wobbly when he walks and he loves to have deep discussions.

Last night’s discussions ranged from having sex like we did when we first met to whether he should wear the cage anymore. When I give him short answers he says he can’t tell if I’m answering truthfully or just to shut him up. Usually I’m tired and trying to sleep because I have work in the morning. The answers are both truthful and just to shut him up.

Lion insists I thought he was crazy when we first met. I didn’t. I think he mis-remembers those first few meetings. We met online and after a few days of talking we decided to meet. For sex. Just sex. Neither of us was looking for a long term relationship. I was sowing my wild oats that I hadn’t done in my early years. At least that was the plan.

I don’t remember how many times we met before Lion sprang bondage and spanking on me. I know I was already in too deep to say no. He had me bamboozled. Hornswoggled. Hoodwinked. I might have thought he was crazy at that point but it was too late. At any rate, aside from the first meeting being anal sex, I don’t really remember much about later sex. He says he would give me oral sex and/or I’d ride him. Then I’d either give him a hand job or oral sex. OK. Sounds reasonable. I remember bits and pieces.

He would like to go back to that. Me too. How do we do that? Things have changed. I’ve lost my sex drive. We’ve tried jump-starting it to no avail. So far we don’t know what to do about that. And our relationship has a whole new dynamic. The old saying “you can’t go back again” may apply. We can definitely revisit this.

As far as the cage is concerned, I asked him if not wearing the cage anymore meant we’d stop orgasm control. He said of course not. I said I’d have to think about it. I do. I can’t just give an off-the-cuff, I’m-too-tired-to-answer answer. We need to discuss something like that. Why does he want to be wild? Will he want to not be wild at times? I have a lot of questions.

We’re entering our fifth year of chastity. Neither of us thought it would last this long. I certainly didn’t foresee domestic discipline or female led marriage. Who knows what Lion has in store for me in the future? I am positive about one thing – it won’t be dull.