Our house rule.

We’re beginning our fifth year of male chastity. I’m back in the Jail Bird again for a little over a week. It feels as though no time has passed since I stopped wearing it last April. It’s appropriate to begin the year as we began our journey in December 2013. I’m amazed that we are still at it.

I know that a lot of people claim that there is an organic reason for a man to surrender power to a woman. Some of the more bizarre communications we’ve received claim that God ordained female superiority and He intended all males to be caged. Please! Other guys believe that they are organically submissive and need the firm hand of a woman. This is certainly plausible. But it isn’t true of me.

It’s actually possible for enforced chastity to exist in a marital partnership. We manage to do it. I’ve given and Mrs. Lion has accepted my sexual surrender. That doesn’t mean I am now a child and Mrs. Lion my mother. We are still husband and wife. We care for each other. We share responsibilities and we share chores. We love one another.

Nothing has changed beyond two things: Mrs. Lion wins in the event of a dispute. And, sex is completely under her control. In terms of what we write here, that’s a big deal. However, our lives go on, unchanged from before we started all this. We go to work. We pay the bills, cook, do the laundry, and love one another more and more each day.

Sexual activity is confined to an hour or less each day. We don’t have elaborate dominant/submissive rituals. No one would guess we have any sort of sexual power exchange. I’m sure that’s true of almost every other couple who shares our interests. Chastity becomes part of the daily routine. The novelty, for us, wore off years ago. Yet, we find ways to keep things interesting.

I think that a big reason more people don’t practice male chastity, at least for long, is that the male expectation is that life as he knows it will change radically because he has his cock locked up. If you think about how much of your day sex occupies, you will realize that no matter how horny you both may be, sex probably takes less than 10 percent of your day. A lot less.

If you recognize this, then it won’t seem odd that wearing a chastity device isn’t going to change your life. Your wife may indeed imperiously rule your sex life. But that won’t take up too much of her day, or yours. You may spend hours and hours fantasizing, but your partner won’t. If you remember that, your adventure in male chastity will last a long time, like ours.