scratchy welcome mat
This is as scratchy as it looks. This covers the punishment stool

Monday night was punishment night. We had pasta and wouldn’t you know it, I got some sauce on my shirt. I was not happy. I seriously didn’t want to be punished. To her credit, when Mrs. Lion went to take her shower, she left a paddle on the bed. When she got out, without a word she went to the basement and brought up the punishment stool. When she brought that into our room, I was feeling angry.

Generally, punishments, while very unpleasant, feel like something I want; not Monday night. I was absolutely in no mood for any of this. Mrs. Lion told me to roll over on my stomach. Silently, I complied. She began beating me. It wasn’t a very painful spanking as those things go. She was taking it easy on me. I still yelped a few times.

When she finished, she told me to sit on the stool in the corner. The coconut door mat that covers the stool dug into my sensitive, red buns. I had to adjust my position, I could feel the fibers, like needles, staying in my tender skin. The stool was positioned so that I couldn’t put my feet on the rungs. My entire weight pushed the rough material into my skin.

It wasn’t a very long wait in the corner, but I fumed the entire time I sat there. I tried to be friendly when finally released. The residual pain made it impossible for me to lie on my back. Mrs. Lion said something about me earning the punishment. I shot back that I can’t avoid occasionally spilling on my shirt. It was all I could do not to growl.

This is very different from the usual “scene” atmosphere at punishment time. It generally starts out with me willingly getting in position for the spanking. I usually like to be spanked. Well, not as hard or as much as Mrs. Lion does when she punishes me. But I’m in good spirits before she starts.

I’m not claiming that Monday’s spanking was non-consensual. It wasn’t welcome in any way. It was 100% Mrs. Lion’s doing. In our email exchanges yesterday, she mentioned that I seemed pissed. I confirmed that I was. She then apologized. I told her not to. I deserved it and she didn’t have to hold off if I’m not in the mood.

Actually, this was a watershed event. I was punished in the truest sense of the word. Mrs. Lion found me breaking a rule. She punished me without being concerned if I wanted to be punished. I think that is a true step forward. I’m not claiming I like it. I don’t; not one bit. I would much prefer to be punished when I am in the mood for it. But that isn’t part of the deal.

There was no buildup and no foreplay of any kind. This was real. It was fair and I respect her for acting the way she did. Good Work, sweetie!


  1. Author

    What a wonderful progression. That Mrs Lion would reach this stage should give you pause to wonder of 2.0 has been upgraded.

    I look forward to the updates although O am remiss in responding as often as I should. Much of that is jealousy. I broached the subject of FLM and domestic discipline and was rebuffed soundly.

    I do envy you both and thank you for the transparency

    1. Author

      Perhaps propose just chastity. Something that doesn’t require active domination. She may like just holding your key if you keep it simple.

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    I know exactly what you mean Lion. We’re a little bit different from you, in that we don’t have “play time”, so the only times I get spanked are if I’ve done something to displease her, or if she feels that I need some sort of stress relief or some help to focus on her. Sometimes I feel that I “need” the spanking, and those spankings are okay to deal with.

    But, as you describe here, sometimes I just really don’t want to be spanked, and she has decided that I’ve done something to earn a spanking. Those spankings always seem to hurt much more, even if maybe some of the other spankings are actually more forceful. What interests me though, is that I find myself doing what she says and bending over to take the spanking, even though my mindset isn’t really in that “spanking” space. Much like you, I guess that one reaches a point in the relationship when you just accept that your wife has this authority, and you have to listen to her, even if you don’t want to.

    My wife has really grown into her role, and I think Mrs Lion has helped here, as my wife has always been very vanilla and initially found it tricky to really spank me properly and leave bruises and whatever, but seeing that other wives have had similar conflicts but have dealt with it and have been happy with the results, she has moved forward quite quickly along the spanking road. She actually surprised me the other night, as I was most definitely NOT in the spanking frame of mind, but she told me to go and wait for her in the laundry room. Although I stood up and started to make my way there, I couldn’t help but say “Do we really have to tonight?”, and she just said “That’s an extra five, now go and wait for me.” After she had given me the spanking for my misbehaviour, she then told me that I had to remember that she decided about spankings, not me, and that I had to listen to her, and then she told me to count out each coming swat, and she ended up giving me an extra six, hard, swats.

    It was a new thing for us, and although I really, really hated that spanking and made much more noise than usual and really wanted it to stop, looking back now I am truly glad that she did it. It really underlined that she knows she has this authority in our relationship now.

    It’s interesting how husbands can have different attitudes too. You talk about getting angry with taking the spanking. Do you mean you felt angry with Mrs Lion or angry with the situation? Or both? I’ve never felt angry with my wife for spanking me, but when I’m in the “I’d rather not be spanked” mindset, then I can feel a bit annoyed with myself for allowing myself to be in this position – eg, “Why did I want this FLR thing? This is silly”

    Sorry, I’ve gone too much haven’t I? I just wanted to try and engage with your blog a little more, and now I might have over-engaged!!

    1. Author

      No, I wasn’t angry at her as much as angry at the situation. I accept her right to punish me. I prefer the punishment when I am in the mood for it, of course. Sometimes after being punished, I get quiet. I think it’s just pouting though.

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    I think that being snippy after a punishment should get you double.

    1. Author

      I’ve only been respamked once. I’ve deserved it other times. I’m not sure why she doesn’t do it. Mrs. Lion?

      1. Author

        I think there’s a difference between being snippy and being pissed. Lion looked genuinely pissed and I didn’t want to make it worse.

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    When i am in a mood like that, it typically means i need a cathartic release. Old baggage has been triggered, or a lot of irritations have built up and are reaching a head. Though I tend to hold things in.

    Depending upon the nature of the mood, a bdsm scene can be a great way to release those feelings. But it will not be a sexual scene. It will be emotional, and you have to allow yourself to feel what you feel, and to cry if it happens. Its a truly vulnerable and intimate experience.

    1. Author

      That’s an interesting perspective. I don’t think that is what is going on. I really don’t know what might have changed. Maybe a play session in the sling will help. It can’t hurt. 🙂

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