Mrs. Lion’s Monster

I just decided I have created a monster. Frankenstein’s monster. Lion needs electrical stimulation to have fun now. He responded almost immediately to the Magic Wand. He says he might be getting tired of my hand. Humph!

I get it. He’s not a vanilla sex kind of guy. He needs clothespins or rope or paddles. If I’m “just” using my hand maybe I need to blindfold him. What if it’s “just” my mouth? Should I tie his left index finger to his right ear? I’m kidding. I know he doesn’t need that. But he does need a few chocolate chips thrown into his vanilla ice cream.

Since he had PT yesterday and his shoulder was sore, I gave him a reprieve last night and moved his punishment to tonight. Does that count as chocolate chips? No. Punishment is punishment. Chocolate chips are play.

In the past he’s thought that maybe we shouldn’t play on a night that he receives punishment. I’m not sure that should be the case. There does need to be a span of time between them. For example, I could punish him as soon as we’re both home. He’d sit on his sore buns through dinner and by the time I’m done with my shower he should be ready for play. Or if we’re both home early, we could play early and his punishment could be later.

He doesn’t get punishment every night. Technically we could postpone play one night for punishment. Or vice versa. Like last night. I didn’t want to make him roll over onto his tummy if his shoulder hurt. But that didn’t stop me from firing up the Magic Wand to play with him.

Tonight he’ll get his butt whomped and maybe no play. I doubt it. If he’s horny we’ll play too. I just want to make sure he can separate the two in his mind. Obviously I’d never do a play spanking and punishment spanking on the same night.