Electric Starter

(Monday evening) Here I am three days from my last orgasm and I’m still not interested in another. This seems to be a trend. Two orgasms ago, I wasn’t really interested for over a week. Last time, the was the same. Around a week into a wait I start getting really horny. For the first three years, if I didn’t get to come by the tenth day, my interest in orgasm fell off sharply. Now the opposite seems to be true.

Maybe my sample isn’t large enough. For all I know, I’ll be dying to come tonight. Mrs. Lion takes the view that any wait time during which I’m not interested in sex doesn’t count. She says her clock starts when I’m horny. I’m not sure she is serious about that. This past weekend I got release only two days after I was clearly interested.

I don’t think I have undergone any physiological change. It may be circumstance. I’ve been tired and physical therapy has been leaving me sore for a day or more after I get it. Since I am getting therapy three times a week, there aren’t many days I don’t hurt. Pain is exhausting. Now that the chronic pain is gone, situational pain caused by the stress of therapy seems much worse.

Whatever the reason, I don’t like this trend at all. It is much more fun when I am hard and hungry each time Mrs. Lion fondles me. I’ll ask her to bring out the big artillery tonight: the Magic Wand. Maybe I just need an electric starter right now.