This Time I Mean It

Rosie the Riveter
I bet Rosie the Riveter had a strong whomping arm.

So many of my posts seem to be about getting back on track. I’m horrible with consistency. In this case, we’re both at fault. We were doing well with eating better and now we’ve just reverted to old habits. Carbs are our downfall. It seems everything good is loaded with carbs. And carbs are what we need to cut way back on right now.

We were largely successful when we went on our low carb diet the first time. What we noticed right off the bat was that Lion stopped nodding off so much. He’d had a habit of falling asleep after dinner. We think our high carb diet had a lot to do with that. I’ve noticed if I eat a lot of carbs at work, I’ll be face down on my desk after lunch. Obviously all this napping and tiredness have an effect on sex.

This time around, we’re doing it mostly because we’ve seen the scale inch its way back up and our clothes fit a little more snugly. We have been more tired lately but I wouldn’t necessarily attribute that to carbs. And our sex life hasn’t suffered because of either of us needing naps. We just want to be around longer for each other. And it will be much nicer to reach the top of the stairs without being out of breath. And I may not be as achy if my body isn’t trying to lug around excess weight.

I’ve made a big effort to be more consistent with play and punishment for Lion. Now it’s time to make an even bigger effort to lose weight and get back into shape. I’ve warned Lion, though, that if I start lifting weights I may have more stamina in my whomping arm. Harder and longer punishments mean a greater possibility of bruises. At the very least, redder cheeks and a Lion who needs to find a more comfortable position to sit. I think it’s a chance he’s willing to take. [Lion — I can’t wait!]

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    Get pumping iron Mrs Lion we can’t wait to see the results ?. Good luck

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