Experiments: New and Ongoing

You’d think by this time, I’d be used to Lion taking an idea and running with it. His response to enema play was what I thought it would be. Yuck! But then he proceeded to give me ideas of how it could work. He suggested different levels of punishment or reward depending on how long he held the enema. He suggested that it would be more difficult for him to hold it if he were sitting on the toilet. I suppose if the water was running, it would be more difficult as well. Clearly this is something that will be the subject of experimens.

Onto today’s matters. Lion gained weight at our weekly weigh-in. We expected it since we tried to go low-carb. I’m not inclined to punish him if there’s a reason for a weight gain. However, that grace period only lasts so long. One of his doctors told him it’s dangerous to go low-carb since he is being treated for high blood pressure. Chalk one up for the fogeys of the world! Our new plan is to try to limit carbs, but focus on portion control. I keep reminding him that exercise has to come into play at some point, although I was told by a former doctor that exercise isn’t as important as diet. Damn doctors need to agree on things.

One thing that didn’t change is that Lion is getting orgasms every few days. When he’s horny, he gets one. I haven’t heard one complaint about messing up his average yet. Not to worry. His orgasm bonanza will end around the 22nd. Then we’ll be back to random wait times and he’ll be caged again. I almost made him wait another day last night, but I decided that wouldn’t be true to the experiment. I know the experiment is already skewed since it’s not an orgasm a day, but we do what we can. The essence of the experiment remains.

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    A tip when it comes to losing weight is to limit the calorie intake during the day and save it for the evening. I found that it’s much easier to go a bit hungry during the day and then go to sleep on a pretty full stomach. Otherwise I would just wake upp hungry as hell during the night and eat some snacks and then still be hungry again in the morning.

    Might be worth a try?

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