Pretty in Pink

This is the babydoll set that got a “look” from Lion. Needless to say, he will be wearing it soon. It comes with matching panties. (picture later in the post)

Yesterday I decided to look for bras and panties for Lion. I figured there’d be plenty of sites that catered to such things. Even Amazon has them. I picked out a few items from two sites. I was debating whether I’d tell Lion about it or just order them and surprise him. Our anniversary is in a month. What better anniversary gift than a nice, frilly set of bra and panties?

Then, around dinner time, I decided to show him my finds. When he was done eating, I pulled out my iPad and cued up a light blue camisole with rosebuds on it. He was not amused. I was. He asked to be humiliated. This should do it. He asked if I was going to order it. I hadn’t decided. I’d just started looking. Maybe he needs something lacier. I showed him other things I’d found.

Perhaps he needs a tutu. Or a cheer leading outfit. I even found a French maid’s outfit. He kept muttering, “oh God” every time I showed him pictures. Somewhere along the line I found fake boobs to go in bras. I don’t think we need to go that far. If he has a padded bra or falsies, how will I pinch his boobies?

This is the cute thong that comes with Lion’s new babydoll set.

This morning, Lion told me the first outfit I showed him really had an impact on him. When I get home tonight we’ll order it. A nice little matching camisole and thing set in light blue with rosebuds. Not the frilly, lacy pink bra and panties I’d set out to find but it will certainly work until I find just the right bra set for him.

In the meantime, he does have some green frilly panties he can wear. I think he has another pair too. They might go nicely under his pants while we do whatever it is we’re doing this weekend. We’ll know they’re there even if no one else does. See? It just takes me a little while to get my head wrapped around new ideas.

[Lion — Oh God.]


  1. Author

    One of these days Lion might stop poking the Lioness–nah. Never going to happen.

    1. Author

      By the look of that outfit it’ll be the Lioness doing all the poking! 😉 LOL

      Thanks for a great blog.

      1. Author

        She enjoys doing that. She has a large collection of plugs and dildos.

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