Lion and I did minimal snuggling last night. We were both too tired to do much of anything. We were like zombies. Luckily, we both got decent sleep and woke up with a better outlook on life in general.

Tonight we’re planning on playing Zapardy! again. Lion did well last time. Only three zaps.This time he wants to be able to wager on Daily Doubles. I’ll take Composers for three zaps, Alex. He might wind up with no zaps at all. That’s fine. It’s just fun to play.

I was thinking about how lenient I was the other day when I owed Lion some swats and I allowed him to talk me out of giving them to him. Then the thought occurred to me that he may not have reminded me of punishment night on Monday. Hmmm. Have I been that lax? I guess so. That will have to change.

And it’s been a while since we’ve used any menthol rub. I think I may have to rectify that situation. Tonight might be a menthol night. At the very least it will be a play night. Lion will be happy. Maybe not at that particular moment, of course. It all depends what I do to him.

See what a few good hours of sleep can do? Even though I may have been in a worse mood last night, 2.0 was nowhere to be found. Now that I’m rested she’s knocking on the door. Poor Lion.