We may have finally worked out an exciting and doable nightly ritual. We sort of stumbled on it. When Mrs. Lion brought out the Box O’ Fun almost every night it started us both thinking. The box has cards in it with various activities written on them. Most of the activities involve a certain level of sexual discomfort for me. They range from wearing a butt plug to Icy Hot on my balls and perineum to various sorts of clothespins applied to my nether regions. I think there’s even one or two for spanking. You get the idea.

lion's box of penalties
This is the Box O’Fun. Very few penalties are left. Most have already been picked. The worst are still in there.

After I go through the activity I pick from the Box, Mrs. Lion sexually stimulates me. Since I am under orgasm control, most of the time the stimulation ends before I can ejaculate. That’s fine. She also stimulates me and keeps me very hard and excited while I’m suffering through the activity of the day.

We’ve been doing this for about a week. It occurred to me that in order for me to get sexual fun, I needed to pick a card from the Box and suffer through the activity. My “reward” was being edged or at least teased. I wrote about this yesterday. Mrs. Lion picked it up too. In fact, on Thursday night I picked a card to get menthol rub applied wherever she’d like. That always includes my balls and perineum. I was tired and not feeling particularly interested in sex. I asked her to put it off. She agreed. We also ended up with a longer-term understanding. Here’s what it is:

in order for me to get Mrs. Lion to play with my penis, I must first pick a card from the Box. Then, Mrs. Lion would perform the activity on the card. If for any reason I didn’t want to do that activity, I could postpone it. I wouldn’t get any sexual stimulation until I had that particular card’s content done to me. I could also decide not to pick a card at all; no card no sex. Mrs. Lion agreed to offer me this opportunity at least six out of seven nights a week. It was strictly up to me if anything happened on any particular night.

That’s it. If I want sex, I have to pay the toll. Since I have the right to postpone, Mrs. Lion is free to pick activities she knows are particularly unpleasant for me. She has been doing a little research. In her post yesterday,”Derailed Plans” she mentioned that I had blue menthol rub coming. That stuff can be very nasty when applied to my balls and perineum. I had picked that card on Thursday night and elected to postpone. If she adds the Icy Hot roll-on, to the box, I can see postponing in my future. That particular product has the maximum amount of menthol in it and burns like crazy.

I know that it is not her objective to make my choices unpleasant enough to force me to postpone indefinitely. She likes teasing me. There are other possibilities to use the box. For example, the toll for oral sex could be higher. Perhaps I need to receive two cards to get that. If we did the drawing early enough, Mrs. Lion could add Zaperdy to the box. We discussed how to make that game more “interesting”.

The way we’ve played up till now, I can elect not to answer a question. If I don’t answer one, I don’t get zapped. If I answer one incorrectly, Mrs. Lion zaps me. We discussed making a little change: If I don’t answer a question, I get one zap. If I answer one incorrectly, I get two. That would certainly add a great deal more “interest”. She could also play a variant of the game where instead of zaps, I get spanks. We just keep track of how many no-answers and wrong answers I do. At the end of the show, I get one swat for every failure to answer and two for every incorrect one. Just a thought.

The idea of me having to “pay” for sex makes sense to me. Aside from the fact that I like BDSM, it also kind of levels the playing field for us. I always feel a little bad that Mrs. Lion doesn’t want sex for herself. I feel selfish when I want it for me. The idea of having to do something that isn’t so wonderful in order to get sex for me somehow seems a little bit less one-sided.