Gotta Love Those Computers

Lion just told me I can write a post if I want to, so here I am. I have to say, it’s a completely different setup than we had before and maybe I can make it more similar in setup, but for the moment this is just all too weird.

I’m not entirely sure I have anything of substance to say even after this long break. I guess the only news, other than the server crashing, is that Lion is still in quite a bit of pain. We’re trying to determine if it’s because he/we haven’t been following through with his physical therapy. He’s been out of his sling more often than not so I assumed he was moving his arm enough to offset the lack of actual therapy movement. But then it started hurting worse. Maybe it’s because he’s been out of the sling more than he should have been. Maybe he should have been using ice more often. Maybe he should have gone to Hawaii for recovery. Maybe if I had dyed my hair red it would have been better. Every guess seems just as unlikely and likely as the next.

Lion even considered not bringing the blog back. I’m not a computer person, so I don’t understand how difficult it is to keep a blog up and running. Sometimes I think it’s a hassle to come up with a post every day. Is it more of a hassle to keep the blog running? Don’t you just set it up and let it go? Like a self-driving car? I have no idea. Anyway, ultimately he decided that the blog helps us, and maybe other people too, so he got it set up through Word Press itself. Restoring previous posts takes more time, but he’s trying.

Since he’s been in more pain, and still sleeping quite a bit, we haven’t done much even along the lines of snuggling. In his more lucid moments, he wants to jump right back in with both feet. Obviously it’s not the feet that are the problem. If his shoulder hurts, he takes pain meds. If he takes pain meds, he’s not interested in sex. That may be incorrect. He may be interested in sex; he just can’t do anything about it. He’s worried the longer we wait, the greater the possibility that we won’t return to business as usual. I won’t let that happen. I just need to be sure he’s ready to return to business as usual. Moving too quickly could be detrimental to his recovery. So we wait.

I think, and maybe I’m reading too much into it, that the fact that he put in the effort to get the blog back up is a good sign. He could have just stayed in bed and snoozed. Instead, he joined the world of the living for a few hours. He sat at his desk and took the first steps toward remaining vertical and getting back to work. And then the pain kicked in and he went back to bed. Oh well. Baby steps.

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