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Yesterday I mowed the lawn with a push mower. It took a few hours. Part of it hadn’t been mowed for a while so that was slow going, but the other parts had been mowed a few weeks ago. As with the garbage cans the other day, I noticed that I was having an easier time walking. Chalk one up for losing weight, although my weight has stayed the same for a while. I guess it took that long for my brain to realize walking should be easier with thirty fewer pounds. By bedtime I was ready for sleep.

Lion had other ideas. He announced at somewhere around 11 that he was horny. Granted, he’d slept most of the evening so his notion of having to snuggle/have sex early was moot. I was not about to humor him, however. I may not have been falling asleep, but I was not in the mood to give him the love he was after. Was this mean? Should I have struck while the weenie was hot? Perhaps. I assume the weenie will be hot again today sometime.

Yesterday was lawn mowing day; today is Lion mowing day. He hasn’t been manscaped in quite a few weeks. He looks like he has saplings growing at the base of a mighty oak. (Sorry. I couldn’t resist.) But his hair is quite long. I’m not sure we’ll be able to take care of the back yard, but his front yard is certainly doable. If I’m going to be doing any oral administrations on my weenie, I should get rid of the shrubbery.

I’ve been trying to figure out when to start Lion’s rules back up. I thought he was well on the way to recovery a few days ago, but then the pain started in again. He just asked yesterday if he was easier to live with than a few days ago. I haven’t noticed any difference. There have only been a handful of times that he’s been anywhere near demanding. He’s been snarky a few times, like when he basically told me he didn’t want me driving his car anymore and when he said he didn’t want to deal with my family coming to visit in the summer, but those are things he might say even without pain or frustration.

I think I can safely add the eating rule back in. There’s no reason he should be ravenous enough not to wait for me to eat or give him permission to eat. He’s still a little too clumsy to avoid dropping food on himself. He tends to interrupt me just as much with or without the rule, so that’s back in. He’s been reminding me of punishment day even though it hasn’t been used in a while. I guess we’ll start off with the easy ones and see how it goes. Depending on his situation at the time (how much pain, how steady he is on his feet, etc.), I’ll decide what his punishment will be.

Lion wanted to get back to normal. I think he wanted to start with sex, but he’ll have to live with the rules being the first thing. Poor boy.

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    Wow, you’ve lost 30 pounds?! That’s a significant amount of weight. Congratulations, that’s fantastic! 🙂

    I’m grinning at your “shrubbery” quip. Though my husband and I spent the weekend doing quite a bit of that, for real. Since we finally had a nice-weather weekend, we spent it doing yard work. And now I’m SORE…

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