Is That a Banana in Your Pocket?

Lion was in considerable pain yesterday. Friday night, he must have twisted wrong and hurt his back. A week ago he hit his elbow hard on a door. And, of course, his shoulder is wounded. Throughout the day he took Tylenol or heroin (as he likes to call his opioid prescription) and it was helping. I thought for sure he’d be in no mood for fun. Wrong. He was horny. Very horny.

The past few times we’ve played, I’ve given him an orgasm after edging him four or five times. I figure I never know when he’s going to be horny because of the pain so I have to strike while the iron is hot. Last night I was planning on edging him and leaving him high and dry. So what if he’s not horny today or tomorrow? There’s always the next day. But I went too far. As I let off the gas he told me he was going to come. I had no choice but to keep stroking him. Well, I could have left him with a ruined orgasm, but we both hate those.

He’s concerned that he didn’t have very much semen. He says after eight days he should have produced more and he thinks he’s a broken Lion. I don’t think so. There could be any number of reasons for it. Maybe he didn’t drink enough. Maybe I didn’t get him excited enough. Maybe the drugs played a role. It’s not like he never has a lot of semen. He’s always had fluctuations in the amount. I guess for a man whose body seems to be giving out all over, it’s easy to assume he’s broken.

I’m not ready to trade in my old, broken-down Lion on a newer model. I’ll keep repairing this one until I can’t find parts. Luckily, medicine keeps figuring out how to repair Lions.

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    He need’s wrapping in cotton wool and a crash hat with the way he’s going on . Love from England ????

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