That’s the Plan, Man

Our first play night was, I don’t want to say unsuccessful, but we didn’t play. It was successful in that I remembered to attempt to play. Lion just wasn’t in the mood. He asked if that was okay. Of course. There shouldn’t be any pressure to play. We can try again tonight if he’s in a better mood. I’m not saying we have to play on a certain night, or that we can’t play on any other night. I’m merely making an effort to make sure Lion gets the play he needs.

I’m more of a laid back person. I tend to let things go. That’s one of the reasons we were at the point of Lion masturbating rather than asking me for sex. I humored him by locking him up and agreeing to tease him certain times. I like to think we’ve been experimenting a lot lately, but the truth is, we’ve been experimenting for over three years now. The biggest experiment is male chastity.

Once we got the chastity experiment under way, we ran into a bit of a hiccup with play. Every night was too much for Lion. Eventually I let it go and we didn’t play at all. I think we tend to go in cycles. He’ll remind me he misses play, I’ll play with him, something happens, and we don’t play. Rinse and repeat. This time I’m taking a page from the punishment book. I’m scheduling play dates. If there is nothing to punish him for, the night goes on without any punishment. Similarly, if he doesn’t want play, the night goes on without play. I’m hoping play follows the same lines as punishment. I don’t need an actual day to punish him. If he’s done something wrong, or if he needs to be swatted, he gets it. Maybe I won’t need an actual day to play with him. If he’s receptive to play, we’ll play.

That’s the plan, man. We’ve been doing pretty well with our experiments. Let’s see if this one works.