Our Foolproof Technique

Yesterday was one of those days that was so full of work to do that I didn’t have much time to think of anything else. I often think about what I might write during my commutes. All I thought about last night was, you guessed it: work. Sex hasn’t been on my mind. There are a couple of good reasons for this: The first is that my shoulder is hurting and I am a bit worried about what Friday’s MRI will reveal. The other is that my allergies are acting up and I feel itchy.

I’ve also been extra careful to avoid breaking any rules.  The prospect of a spanking is even less appealing than usual. I didn’t think that was possible; but it is. In short, I’m in a bit of a funk; at least about sex and BDSM play. That is especially challenging when I am supposed to be writing daily posts for a blog about male chastity and domestic discipline. My usual go-to approach is to discuss some factor of one of those practices that has been on my mind. Fortunately for me, I have one for today.

Have you noticed that some blogs seem to be about smooth, consistent progress toward being more dominant or submissive as the case may be. I shake my head in wonder when I read them. If you’ve been following our lives, our progress has been anything but consistent and smooth. There are times like this when I lose interest and whine about being “broken”. Other times Mrs. Lion disappears into her iPad and avoids any of our kinky, sexual pursuits.

In my opinion, one of our most spectacular discoveries is that we can reduce these negative times by formalizing what used to be random. Scheduling punishment days is our first and best example. Actually that’s not true. Our first and best was locking my penis in a chastity device. That diabolical device triggered a revolution in our physical intimacy.

On one of my commutes, not today’s, featured thoughts about our approach to problem solving. It starts with one of us getting to the point that we just have to say something about a relationship issue. We are famously slow to do this. Once it comes out, there is always a resolution to fix the problem. Promises are made and we follow up. For a while.

In the past, we gradually fell back into our old pattern. Since you can’t exactly do that with a cage locked on your cock, instead of falling back, we sprang ahead and made positive relationship progress. Thanks in large part to this blog, we analyzed our success and realized that we needed to be “forced” to maintain change until it became embedded in our lives. That’s what happened with the chastity device. It is a permanent part of my wardrobe, so to speak.

By reading and writing, Mrs. Lion and I came to the conclusion that we needed ways to force ourselves to maintain a change. Since change is inconvenient at best and usually painful, we wanted to replicate the success that cage on my penis brought us. Voila! Why don’t we schedule things we would otherwise neglect? It was magic.

Not long after we established Monday and Thursday as punishment days, Mrs. Lion was swatting away any time I broke a rule. She didn’t wait for punishment night. Domestic discipline had embedded itself in our lives.

We’re trying the same technique with BDSM play. Our last posts are about this latest innovation. It’s off to a slow start. Tuesday night was play night. Mrs. Lion got out her CBT toys. I asked if we could skip playing. She’ll try again on Friday. Hopefully I will be in the mood. The point of all this isn’t that we will play more often, though we will. It’s that play is something we schedule and at least attempt three times a week. Pretty soon, the scheduled days won’t be the only times we play. But for now our foolproof technique to change things is at work again.