Universal Enforced Chastity

I’m sitting at the departure gate waiting for my flight home. I got an email from Mrs. Lion earlier in the day. She said that she had lunch with two women she works with. Mrs. Lion commented that she needs my help to lose weight. One of her coworkers said, “If he doesn’t help you, no nookie.” The other woman quickly agreed.

If I ever doubted that there is universal female awareness of their control over male sexuality, it evaporated when I read that email. Mrs. Lion, of course, smiled inwardly. If those women only knew! That conversation is disturbing. It’s not unlike the one my lioness had with her coworkers when they all agreed their husbands are their oldest children.

Those two conversations revealed by my lioness gave me a peek into the super-secret world of the female of the species. We males drift through life blissfully unaware how the so-called weaker sex controls us. Assuming that a man is sexually faithful to his wife, if she chooses to withhold sex, his only alternative is masturbation. That isn’t an alternative to his wife’s attention; not even a little.

The reason porn is so addictive to some guys is that it feeds fantasies that make jerking off feel like real sex. It doesn’t work. If it did, guys wouldn’t even ask their mates for sex. I find it interesting that I don’t particularly enjoy masturbating, but I love it when Mrs. Lion jerks me off.

My point is that this feminine power works with or without a chastity device. The only real difference is that when I’m locked up, I can’t masturbate or have sex with anyone. I would argue that isn’t very different from when I am wild. I’m monogamous. I’m not going to mount anyone else. So, technically I could jerk off. I would get in big trouble if Mrs. Lion found out, but I am physically able. That’s just not attractive to me. So, I’ve been wild for the last five days. Nothing is different for me than when I am securely locked in my chastity device.

Women tend to take the longer view of things. A wife knows that her husband may jerk off if she refuses him her attention. But she also knows the longer he resorts to his hand, the less he will enjoy it. His surrender is inevitable.  So, with or without formal chastity, the female has the key to his sexual fun. Sounds like enforced chastity to me.

The bottom line is that the real difference between my enforced chastity and what most husbands think of as their normal sex life, is that I know exactly where the control resides. The vanilla husbands believe that they get sex when they want. The conveniently forget that they only get sex when their wives let them. They are under the same female control that I am. They don’t realize it.

Before my recent consideration of this topic and Mrs. Lion’s report of her conversations, I believed that I surrendered sexual control. I think it’s closer to the truth that I acknowledged my surrender. I gave up that control as soon as we began living together.

In fairness to Mrs. Lion, I know she never consciously thought she had this control and certainly never exploited it. But it was there just the same. I know that on some level she was aware of her power. Apparently, all women know that. Mrs Lion’s lunch conversation proves that point. I don’t think I was meant to figure all this out.

Knowing the truth doesn’t change anything. It’s easier to stay blissfully ignorant.

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    A refreshing (and realistic) way of looking at the control females have over men. Well said!

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