This morning we had our first weigh-in. Now we have a starting point by which to judge all weigh-ins. My first thought was to go with a pound a week loss. It seems to be a rational start. Lion thinks it should be a pound a week, but have it average over a month. I told him the other day that if he loses two pounds in one week, that extra pound cannot be transferred to the next week. To me, that would be averaging a weight loss. I realize that we’ll each have our ups and downs. Maybe one week we’ll lose those two pounds and then stay steady for a week or two before going up or down again. So the compromise we came up with is that Lion has to at least maintain his weight from one week to the next. If he gains, he loses, in the form of punishment.

I was going to make a table showing each of our weights as of the Saturday morning weigh-in. The date, Lion’s name and weight, and my name and weight. It will be easy to see our progress. But no. Lion had to make a spreadsheet, because, I guess, if it’s on the computer, it’s much easier than simple pen and paper near the scale where it’s readily available for all to see. That’s okay. I’ll still make my table and keep it near the scale. He can have his spreadsheet. To each his own.

Lion’s other caveat is that I should lose weight more quickly because I’m just starting out and he started losing weight a while ago. Like my twenty pounds, as of today, don’t count as previous weight loss. It doesn’t really matter. I’m going to concentrate on my one pound a week, and hope it’s more. Lion can concentrate on his. And we’ll meet back on Saturday morning to see how we’ve done. Obviously my weigh loss is important “only” for my health. Lion’s is important for his health and his butt.

Lion doesn’t want to exercise right away because he’s older and worried about heart attack and stroke. He said he’ll just start walking more. I didn’t expect either of us to go out and run a marathon next weekend. Walking is exercise. We do have a treadmill. Since we’ve been largely sedentary for so long, we need to ease our way back into this. Walking works perfectly for that. We can go as slow or as fast as we need to. There’s no reason either of us has to press 200 pounds right away. If that’s a goal we set, we’ll get there eventually. Baby steps. Just like enforced chastity and FLR.


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    An interesting suggestion to help further motivate Lion. How about Lion getting a mouth soaping if He maintains His weight but doesn’t lose any weight in a given week?

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    You have made a start and that is the main thing. But poor lion is going to wear his trainers [Lion — sic: training collar] out to stop his butt from getting red. Keep up the good work. Love from England

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    Go for walks together!!!

  4. Author

    Yes training collar. Your shoes will be on fire with the speed that will make you go hahaha

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