I sometimes suggest a post to read that might interest Mrs. Lion.  I thought about it and realized it’s interesting what I don’t suggest. I tend to point her at posts about spanking and strict domestic discipline. The conversations I have about the material I read, invariably centers on spanking as the punishment of choice. Last night she served it up again. I got some food on my shirt and was rewarded with four very hard swats with one of her most vicious paddles. In fact, I begged her to stop. I looked at her and plaintively said, “Please.” She did stop. I don’t think my begging was the reason. She told me that she had planned to provide less swats with more power. I could feel the sting for hours. I really hate spilling food.

If you consider punishment a meal, it generally has at least two courses. The “appetizer” is the scolding. This is when the disciplining wife verbally informs her husband how she feels about the offending behavior. This is generally done with the male in the spanking position. Some women start with a first course of spanking. After it is determined that the male understands he did something wrong, she stops and scolds him. When she is done, she informs him that he will now be punished. She spanks him until she is satisfied he understands how she feels and will not repeat the offense.

The spanking, of course, is the entree. I never discuss “dessert” with Mrs. Lion. This is often fifteen minutes of corner time with the male standing in a corner or against a wall holding a coin up with his nose. He isn’t permitted to touch his bottom or move away. If the coin drops, the spanking is repeated in its entirety. Some disciplining wives give “writing assignments.” The male must write a phrase like “I will always remember to wait for my wife  to eat before I do.” over and over. Often he has to sit on a scratchy surface that will amplify the results of his spanking. If he doesn’t complete the assignment neatly and for the full number of repetitions, he must do it all again.

Sometimes, for less serious offenses, he gets a “soaping.” That is when his wife thoroughly wets a bar of soap, rubs it everywhere in his mouth, and then makes him hold the bar in his mouth for at least 15 minutes. Yuck!

There’s a good reason that I don’t discuss this with Mrs. Lion: I absolutely don’t want these things happening to me. Even though a spanking hurts horribly, I do get a little sexual thrill at the thought. There is no such thrill when I consider other childish punishments. I don’t want to suffer any of them. I imagine I feel about those the same way other people feel about spanking.

Maybe Mrs. Lion prefers simple meal. A filling main course served to me is sufficient for her. So far it has served her well. She has expressed some interest in finding a substitute for spanking when it comes to lesser offenses. For example, when I forgot to wear my training collar, she decided to zap me with it as a way to punish me for forgetting to wear it. The first time she tried it, I didn’t get much of a message. It could be she needs to apply a higher setting, or maybe try another non-spanking punishment.

The idea of the punishment fitting the crime has a sort of symmetry to it. I have an idea and I don’t want to give my lioness a thought I will have a lot of time to regret. Let’s just say that there is a very unpleasant way to deal with me eating first. Yuck! Now I’m not suggesting that Mrs. Lion change her approach to discipline. I’ve assiduously avoided making that suggestion for a long time. For the record, I’m not making it now. However, when it comes to the punishment menu, I don’t get to select the items I want. She orders for me.

[Mrs. Lion — We have a board around here somewhere with the same scratchy material that is on some of our paddles. I wondered recently where it wandered off to, but I didn’t actually look for it. Lion used to sit on it after a play spanking to accentuate the pain. And we bought Ivory soap several years ago specifically for Lion’s mouth. I just found the last bar on Sunday with the idea of using it in the shower for its intended purpose. However, if Lion feels the need for a soapy dessert, I can certainly give it to him.]


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    When you looked up at her and said “Please, did you really want her to stop, and had she done so in response to your begging, would you have been happy about it, both at the time and later?

    The reason I ask is that a pro I see showed me an FM DD video where the husband was crying and begging his wife to stop. She ignored him (and actually mocked him) and dealt over 200 very hard wooden hairbrush blows and dozens of long handled; wooden bath brush blows.

    The pro and I disagree over whether it was cruel to ignore his pleas. She claims he wants her to do that and ultimately would have been disappointed had she stopped in response to his begging. There’s no proof of that in the video, but she bases that on her own experience.

    How about for you?

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      At the time I absolutely wanted her to stop. Who wouldn’t in the heat of the moment. I agree with the pro. My begging is a reflex response to the pain. It’s no different than my yelps and screams. The behavior in the video you saw is classic D/S “play” behavior. As a top, I’ve had bottoms beg, cry and scream. It’s part of the scene. I stayed aware of the real signs of distress. Sweating is the first. There are others as well. Of course, in the DD context, sweating indicates that the punishment is truly getting through.

      In the D/S scene, the bottom has a safeword that will stop the scene immediately. However, it’s really not that useful. I’ve yet to see a bottom who actually used the safeword when in physical distress. I have seen it used with emotional distress when a top evokes a very painful memory. The reason it isn’t that useful in the physical scene is because the bottom almost always wants to “be strong” and take it. If real physical distress occurs, the bottom will most likely fail to remember that a safeword is available.

      In my BDSM experience, the top is almost always the one who gives up first. Tops who aren’t disturbed sadists are very careful of their bottom’s safety. An expert who knows his bottom well will push right to the edge. New play partners are never stressed too much. It takes time to learn the bottom’s body and mind.

      In terms of my relationship, Mrs. Lion knows me very well. However, she has relatively limited experience pushing me. Up until very recently her spankings were mild enough to be easily handled. Last night’s spanking, while mercifully brief, was extremely painful. Of course, that’s the entire point. I wasn’t near being injured. I was just hurting a lot. What she did was consensual and I sincerely thanked her after I had a bit of time to recover.

      Begging and crying, like yelping and screaming are almost involuntary responses to the strong stimulus. They aren’t indications of lasting physical or emotional injury. I’m not afraid of Mrs. Lion. I am not angry about her intense spanking. That’s her job. I would be disappointed if the allowed any heat-of-the-moment responses from me to change her course. I am not a reliable reporter while being beaten.

      If she actually went too far in my opinion, I would discuss it with her after the dust settled. I would be disappointed if she agreed to go easier. Her response should be to tell me that if I don’t want a repeat, I should watch my behavior. That’s the entire point of punishment. I am a consenting party to this who fully understands what I am doing. My guess is that video you saw, other than being staged, did not result in the police being called or the bottom vowing never again.

      Punishments, no matter how severe or degrading, can’t be called cruel unless the person being punished is truly helpless. That doesn’t mean during the particular session, but in a larger sense. For example, if I refused punishment then Mrs. Lion would divorce me and leave me homeless, you could argue I was defenseless in the larger sense. In that case, the punishment could be considered cruel. But if I am under no such duress, then I can assure there will be no repeat. As long as I’m not defenseless, it’s really not fair to consider anything Mrs. Lion does to me as cruel. Severe, yes; but not cruel.

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        Thanks for the detailed and well considered answer.

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    Poor Lion you keep dropping yourself in it with Mrs Lion. What iders are you going to give her next??

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