It’s for Lion

The other day, we got a comment asking if Lion punishes me if I spill food or eat before he does. I wonder if that person ever read our blog. Why would Lion punish me? For anything. He does insist I eat vegetables once in a while and scolds me into making doctor’s appointments. Those things have nothing to do with FLR or domestic discipline. He’s just trying to make sure I’m healthy.

I have no desire to be on the receiving end of any punishment. That’s Lion’s need. He wants to feel my power. He may not like that actual punishment or the aftermath, but when he really thinks about it, he’s glad I did it. He also likes when I make decisions. For whatever reason, he likes when I decide what’s for dinner. He likes wearing the training collar because he knows he’s powerless. If he makes a mistake, I can zap him right then and there.

I don’t pretend to understand why he wants any of these things done to him; not the spanking, bondage, or butt plugs. Well, I can sort of understand the butt plugs. I’ve had anal sex. It’s nice. I’ve never had a butt plug used on me. I’m not sure how I’d tolerate something up my ass for a long period of time. Lion has swatted me playfully from time to time. Just one swat lightly on the butt. He’s pinched my nipples. Aside from wondering why he was doing it, I had no other reaction. It’s just not something I want.

I don’t think I’m exactly as vanilla as they come. I liked to give Lion blow jobs before he ever introduced spanking and other activities. As I said, I’ve had anal sex. I like being on top when I have any desire for sex. To me, those are all non-vanilla characteristics. And I’ve always wondered what it would be like to have two guys at the same time. Given the fact that I don’t care about sex anymore, I think that dream is dead. Plus, it would make Lion feel horrible. I guess you could argue that a threesome for me would fit right in with my being in control and Lion having to do what I say. But it doesn’t really. Neither of us wants to hurt the other emotionally. A threesome for me would do that even if Lion was one of the participants. Someone else having sex with his wife would be miles across the line. That would not be consensual. [Lion — That’s a hard limit for me.]

Everything I do to Lion is consensual. He has asked for some things in the past that I decided I couldn’t do. Well, yes, I could do them. I wouldn’t want to do them. It’s too far. Perhaps I’ll find something in the future that goes too far for Lion. I think it might be difficult, but I’m sure there are still hundreds of things out there that Lion hasn’t discovered yet. Give him time.