Nice Rhythm

Lion decided to stay home from work. He can do things from home and still have time to snooze. I made my way to work because I had a project that was supposed to take a long time. It didn’t. I was done in a few hours. And now the day is just dragging into a super annoying Monday.

Last night we started out snuggling. I was rubbing Lion’s leg and he was making purring noises. By the time I got to my weenie, he was already hard. For whatever reason, when I got him close to the edge he lost all interest. Not that Lion wasn’t interested. Mr. Weenie didn’t seem to be. Lion suggested the Magic Wand. But the Magic Wand was completely dead. No charge. Kaput. What crummy luck!

It’s a good thing I have more tricks up my sleeve. I started in again with oral ministrations. I figured if this didn’t do the trick, nothing would. It worked very well. Lion was hard again and panting in no time. This is what I had in mind on Saturday night.

I was considering edging him a bunch of times and maybe leaving him high and dry. Then I decided it was time for an orgasm. It had been a week since his last one. So the plan was to edge him and then give him the orgasm. In the end, we developed a nice rhythm and he gave me some nice pre-cum so I just kept going. I wasn’t sure how much energy either one of us had anyway. It’s just best to go for it.

Lion is still not caged. I’ll probably leave him wild until he feels better. I know he feels more secure and powerless when he’s caged, but I don’t want him to have to deal with it while he’s got his cough. That’s my decision. And I’m sticking with it.

What do you think?