I’ve written a lot about why guys want enforced chastity; and even more about why I wanted it. In fact almost everything I ever read about it is from the male perspective. Other than Mrs. Lion, few keyholders write about their experience, and those who do write about their males.

I’ve been trying to figure out some of the reasons women may support our kink. I think it’s fair to say that those of us who have a serious interest in this kink have an underlying motive beyond penis bondage.

In my case it was years of sexual separation that prompted me to see if enforced chastity would make us sexually closer. Mrs. Lion knew that we had lost intimacy. She didn’t really think that a chastity device would make any difference, but figured it would make me happy for a while. It’s been three years and we both love it.

I think that some women have a very different reason. Some deeply love their husbands but aren’t very fond of penis. They enjoy intercourse and orgasms, but never enjoyed manual or oral contact with a penis. Some don’t even like looking at one.

In earlier times this was the norm. Girls were taught to lie back and hope he will be done soon. Some women feel that way now. For them and their husbands, enforced chastity is perfect.

The male wears a chastity device; often a tube that completely hides the penis. He locks himself up and gives her the key. His penis is effectively removed. While he’s locked up, she can ask him to pleasure her. He loves it. She gets sex without a penis. He loves the delightful frustration. It’s a true win-win.

After a while she gives him the key and he removes the cage. She can have him jerk off and then lock himself up again. Or, she can have him pleasure her with his hand or mouth and then let him mount her. In a short time he will ejaculate. Then she will have him lock himself up again.

If you read this from the male’s perspective, it’s a hot story. It sounds like the perfect chastity fantasy; denial, frustration and eventual orgasm. Perfect. As they say, when life gives you lemons make lemonade.


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    I think you might be right. That might be why its getting more popular as people find it work as a way of starting up there sex life again later on in life your a genius????

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    Well as a key holder I find that I am super turned on to know that no matter what…it’s MY Willy. He can’t touch it or play with it unless I allow it. I have found that my caged man (who use to have low sex drive) is more eager to engage in any kind of sexual activity whenever I want. He also seems to be more tuned in to me. Our sex life has turned into every woman’s fantasy! He is eager to please me. We have fun. We laugh. We have fallen more in love. Our relationship is so much stronger than imaginable!

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    I thought I could give you my wife’s point of view.

    We use orgasm control, domestic discipline and some sort of FLR. I’m not caged all the time, just when she rells me. We have a safe word system if I feel I need to stop. I used it the other month and we had a break of about six weeks (we are doing it again now).

    My wife said that it surprised her how disappointed she felt when we stopped and how much she missed it. I asked her what the benefits were to her and she said:
    #You listen to me more and pay me more attention
    #You are more loving and tactile – more hugs and kisses
    #The house is tidier as you do more things
    #I feel desired and adored
    #We have sex more often
    #We have less arguments and disagreements
    #You seem happier and less stressed – and I know now that if you do seem grumpy or stressed that a good spanking helps alleviate that.
    #Generally I feel happier and there is more romance in our everyday life.

    Hope that helps. Thanks for the blog, it’s a great resource and always interesting’

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    I think there is also a change in the behaviour of the caged male that women find.
    I have recently had 5 or 6 weeks free after wearing for best part of 6 months. A couple of days ago my wife insisted that I put it on. She said she liked the ‘leverage’ it gave her and that my behaviour was better.
    Wearing it again, I can observe that I am more attentive. Quite simply what I want changes. I can’t help but think about her. I am sure that if you were to look into my head you would find that my brain wave pattern had changed. My wife becomes more beautiful to me. Why that is, is difficult to pin point. Courtship instinct, submission reflex, a whole host of thoughts and concepts getting linked and activated, even perhaps the nerve endings down there playing a part, brain centres activating hormones, hormones stimulating brain centres. Anyway, it’s a beautiful feeling. I am glad she decided that she wanted me to wear it again.

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