Boring Post

Neither Lion nor I sleep well when we’re apart. I can understand the one who’s away having trouble. Strange bed, strange room. The one at home should have no problem. Same bed, same room. But the pattern is interrupted. Even if I watch the same show that puts both of us to sleep, I can’t hold hands with Lion or hear him quietly snoring while he insists he isn’t asleep. And, of course, the fun is interrupted. I can’t catch him being naughty if he’s two thousand miles away. I can’t edge him. I can’t play with him at all. That makes for some boring posts.

We seem to have fallen into a pattern here. Lion is the in depth reporter. He finds the new things to explore. He uses his experience to explain things. I’m more of the play-by-play guy. I tell you what happened last night. Sometimes I tell you what’s going to happen tonight. I do have ideas of my own, but I’m much more likely to tell you the he said-she said, back and forth or things. Lion can usually pull a post out of thin air. He’ll say he has nothing to say when he heads to his office, and a short time later, a post is born. When one of us is away, I don’t really have anything to talk about. Play-by-play can’t happen if there’s no play.

By tomorrow I’m assuming I’ll have gotten a little more sleep and I’l be in the Lion-is-coming-home-in-a-few-days mode. Maybe I’ll start planning on making up for lost time. Then I’ll have more to talk about. For now, this is a nothing post.

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    Sorry your missing Mr Lion

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