Happy Ending

Mrs. Lion’s office had their annual Christmas party. Employees contributed small gifts that were distributed in some sort of game. Mrs. Lion received some scone mix packed with a wooden spoon. As part of the game, a coworker can “steal” your gift. One wanted Mrs. Lion’s scone mix and spoon. She convinced her colleague to take the mix but let Mrs. Lion keep the spoon. I could almost see the evil gleam in her eye when she told me this story. We know what the spoon will be used for.

I don’t recall anything like this happening before. Mrs. Lion is clearly more into her role. No, Mrs. Lion, I’m not saying you are now 3.0. I am saying that I am happy you are more comfortable with what we are doing. I didn’t notice any “You’ll like this toy” in her conversation with me. Nope, this was for her fun.

Change comes slowly to us. Yes, we are quick to try new things. But we take a while to internalize and fully adopt what we try. You’ve had a front row seat to the process. In fact, one reason we post daily is to help us (and you) get perspective on how we are working things out.

I think we have passed the point of no return on Domestic Discipline. It’s effective. There’s still work to do. Mrs. Lion has to learn to handle the feelings that come up in her when feelings come up in me. You have to love that sentence.

There is a sequence of responses to a strong spanking. I certainly felt most of it last week. I don’t think that those feelings are in any way, an issue in how I feel about her. It’s just something that happens. First there is squirming and trying to escape. Next, while the squirming continues there is anger. For me, it wasn’t anger toward Mrs. Lion. It was anger at the spanking. It hurt! The last step is tears.

I think I scared Mrs. Lion a bit. She hesitated coming over to snuggle me. I think she was concerned I would pull away in anger. Of course I didn’t. I loved the warmth and caring. Traditionally, disciplinary spankings end with snuggles. A happy ending to a very difficult time.


  1. Author

    Thank you for the front row seat .It has been an education to read how you have grown in understanding your what’s and need’s .The way you love each other so much is wonderful.Keep up the good work .

  2. Author

    Echoing Wolfgang, thanks indeed for the front-row seat. It’s very comforting to know that there are other *real* people out there!

    I think we’ve (my wife and I) have turned the corner on making my chastity an ongoing lifestyle, too. It’s a very good feeling…

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