I don’t think I’ve been sleeping well. We’ve been going to bed late. The dog wakes me to go out in the middle of the night and stays out for a while. I think I need to start her training again. She doesn’t listen, won’t come when called, and has been jumping on us again. For the past few days, Lion has been getting up first and the dog wakes me up either by barking or jumping on me. Lastly, I think I’ve been tensing up when I sleep. I don’t know why. It happens from time to time. Obviously, this does not lead to restful sleep.

When Lion came into the bedroom, we were talking, and I tried to tell him about the dog waking me up again, but he interrupted me. We finished that conversation, and I tried again to tell him about the dog, but he interrupted me again. We were having that conversation, and he interrupted me again. Forget it. Done. Later on, he said something about being glad the dog didn’t wake me in the middle of the night, and I said I’d been trying to tell him, but he interrupted me. He didn’t realize he did it. Uh huh.

I know he has tons on his mind. He’s been thinking about his book. He didn’t want to play last night. I assume he was preoccupied with his storyline. He’s worried about money, with me being out of work too. Clearly, he’s worried about getting waxed since he mentioned it again this morning. “When you get around to it…” is a favorite phrase of his lately. But then he also says he doesn’t want me to do too much. Lots of mixed signals.

No, I didn’t tell him he was in trouble for interrupting. Yes, I know I should have. No, I’m not going to punish him. Yes, I know I should. I’ve got a lot on my mind, too, and I didn’t want to deal with punishing him. Maybe if I wasn’t persistently tired, I might have snarled at him when it happened. Next time I probably will.

[Lion — She’s right. I’m very worried. Tomorrow, I begin a workshop on getting an agent. I need my story finished enough to produce a synopsis. I haven’t been posting. I’m in the middle of a crisis of confidence. If my writing isn’t good enough to sell, I don’t know what we will do. A lot of pressure.]

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