One thing I forgot to mention from the other night’s sleeping pill-induced sexcapade, was that while Lion was unlocked he tried to get himself hard. It was one of those things that you see, but you don’t believe you’re seeing so you’re frozen and unable to do anything about it. Plus, I thought he was really sleep sexing and had no idea what he was doing. Yesterday he assured me he knew exactly what was going on the entire time. Oh, really? So that means he knew he was jerking off. He knew he was touching my penis for other than peeing and cleaning purposes. Well that will never do. I informed him he was in trouble for it. He said he was trying to help. Uh huh. Sure. Too bad. He was in trouble.

After dinner, I had to do something on my computer. I said I’d be back to take care of the dinner dishes. Not ten minutes later I heard him doing the dishes. I wondered if I just imagined saying I’d do them. Was he really doing them despite what I said? He insisted he was helping. He also insisted that I never told him not to do the dishes. Damn. He got me on a technicality. OK. I’ll let that one go. I’ll have to be more specific in the future. But I still had him for touching my weenie the night before.

Just before I went to take a shower, I got a paddle and told him to roll over. Sometimes I ask him what he did before I start swatting. He’s supposed to know. It’s his job to keep the list up to date. Last night I told him what he did. To me it was a big infraction. He is absolutely not allowed to touch my weenie for sex. It’s my weenie. I’m the one who decides when it gets to play. I made sure his butt was red and sore. I think he got the point. I don’t want any more slip ups in this area.

I don’t think he was looking to get me upset. In his mind I’m sure he was helping. He needs to remember to keep his Lion paws off my property.

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