The Joy Of No Choice

Mrs. Lion and I have written quite a bit lately about discipline. I know, based on comments and emails, that some people are surprised that we have adopted domestic discipline. I’ve been thinking about this decision as well as the one to adopt enforced chastity as well.

Much of what I’ve read about domestic discipline suggests that it generally originates when there is a behavioral issue that can’t be corrected any other way. You know, things like excessive drinking, bad manners, sloppiness, etc. I can’t see any guy agreeing to, much less suggesting DD if he has these problems. Similarly, the supposed cause for enforced chastity is the need to stop excessive masturbation, porn watching, or cheating. Again, since we know that virtually all enforced chastity begins with the man suggesting it, these causes seem unlikely too.

Speaking for myself, interest in both came from sexually arousing thoughts and fantasies I’ve had for years. The idea of being spanked has turned me on as long as I can remember. It never occurred to me there had to be a reason I needed to be spanked. I was simply turned on by the humiliation and intimacy of the spanking, at least in my fantasies. I’ve also had a lifelong fondness of bondage. When, as a child, I played cowboys and indians, I wanted to be the character who was captured and tied to a tree. Enforced chastity is penis bondage. That’s what initially turned me on.

Those were my motives for asking Mrs. Lion to do this stuff with me. At least, I thought that was why. Now I realize that my requests were based on a much deeper need. The root motivation for both domestic discipline and bondage (enforced chastity) is the need to be controlled. Control turns me on. More specifically, being forced to obey is the big turn on.

That’s what separates me from someone who is a submissive. He likes submitting and serving. I like having to obey and facing consequences for failing. The key is that I am made to obey. Mrs. Lion has been wondering why I like the idea of being conditioned to unconsciously do something she wishes. I think that is the ultimate form of enforced obedience. Choice is completely eliminated.

Of course, choice is eliminated when I am locked into a chastity device. . No wonder I like the idea so much! I’ve noticed that I like being locked back up as soon as Mrs. Lion finishes using my penis. She felt she was being kind by letting me remain wild until I have the last pee of the evening. I prefer to get right back into the cage. Similarly, I prefer her to be strict and inflexible in terms of enforcing obedience. That fits the model I have wanted all my life.

Standard D/S labels don’t apply to me. I have a dominant personality in most areas of my life. Nevertheless, feeling Mrs. Lion’s authority gives me a warm sense of being loved. That’s just how I am wired. On Monday night I got an unexpected spanking for unauthorized weenie touching. Fair enough; guilty as charged. It wasn’t terrible as Mrs. Lion spankings go. But it was heart warming as well as butt warming. She noted and punished the offense without any input from me. Wow!