The Lions Reunite

I thought about writing a post earlier and then I got caught up in all the other things I have to do before I leave in the early, early morning. I needed to pay a few bills online and re-remembered to write.

Obviously there’s still not much going on in the Lion’s den with one of the pride missing. By the time this publishes, I should be safely on the ground again and looking for Lion at the airport. We  may have more to say on Thursday after we meet up again. Lion has a lot of plans for me on Wednesday night. Thursday I’m on my own. Then Friday through Sunday we’ll be together. I’m not sure how much play we’ll get in since our days are sure to be jam packed. I bet Lion will get his fair share of edging and maybe even an orgasm. We’ll have to see how tired we are.

Lion’s very excited that I’m calling this our honeymoon. We really never had one. Sure, we’ve gone away a lot, but there’s never really been a special trip like this. We’ll be at a resort that we never could have afforded if he hadn’t been sent there on business. Pools and spas and things to do and see. All sorts of restaurants. It’s definitely a place we would have chosen for a honeymoon if we had had time and money to have a honeymoon.

I’m still in the final stages of packing. Lion called and asked me to bring a few things for him. Now I’m wondering if I need a bigger bag. What about souvenirs? How will we carry them home if everything is crammed into your bag on the way there? You need to leave room for souvenirs. We need to bring something home from our honeymoon. A nice something-or-other to commemorate our trip in 2016. You know how people are when they come back from a big tourist spot. Stuff is hanging out of their bags. They’re wearing three shirts. Because they didn’t bring a big enough bag to take home the souvenirs.

Actually all I really need is Lion and some pictures. He can be my souvenir.