Airport Runs

I did an airport run this morning. It’s the same run I’ll do on Wednesday when I join Lion. It’s been at least four years since we’ve taken an east coast trip together. I’m counting this as our second honeymoon. We never really had a honeymoon when we got married, but I’m sure I’ve already counted some other trip as one in the past eleven years. This time it’s a flat out touristy, fun trip. Of course, Lion still has to work, but we’ll have time to have fun together too.

Lion is wild this week. I’m fairly sure I could make it through security with his cage in my bag, but I don’t really think it’s necessary. When he’s not at work, he’ll be with me. He won’t have time to do anything “illegal”. I’ve also been considering what toys I can get through security. I don’t really think I want to drag the nJoy butt plug along. Something tells me the large blob of steel would cause questions. We haven’t really been doing much anal play anyway.

So far, the things on my “safe” list are a piece of rope, Velcro and the hairbrush paddle. Security wouldn’t question a hairbrush, but they may question some other paddle. Since that little hairbrush is mean, I think it will satisfy all our needs. And I’ll have my hands so we’re all set.

Tonight is punishment night. I said I was going to punish him last night since tonight his butt will be a few time zones away. Between watching football, doing laundry, making dinner, and packing, I forgot all about punishment. No problem. I can get him when I see him. Boy, can I get him!

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    If you are interested, I have a pretty handy solution for the airport with my jailbird. TSA couldn’t care less about the device. I pack it in my backpack and take that thru. They have never once questioned me in the US, China, UK, Singapore, Ireland, Australia, etc…once I get through security I put the device on. I have a plastic #8 screw with a hole drilled through on one end and then a single use lock. Feel free to contact me via email if you want more info. Been using this for about 4 years with my wife.

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