I Don’t Do That Anymore

Mrs. Lion is flying here today! We are finally going to have our honeymoon. She’s brought her honeymoon kit. Like any new bride, she’s packed a paddle and some rope for CBT. I switched from a room with two queen-sized beds to one with a king. The room has a great view, and (unfortunately) great soundproofing.

We have a dinner reservation tonight at a very romantic restaurant on the roof of the hotel. She will probably be exhausted so fun will probably have to wait until tomorrow. It’s been many years since we stayed at a hotel. I’m excited.

I got an interesting comment about traveling with a Jail Bird chastity device. The idea was to drill a screw the same size as the security screw we use to secure the cage. Then place a tamper-evident plastc seal through once past airport security. Ingenious. But how does the keyholder know he wore it for the entire trip since he has to remove the device to fly home? Watch the blog. In the next few weeks I will be reviewing a device that won’t need to be removed.

Mrs. Lion doesn’t require me to be caged when I travel on business. I know that some guys really like being locked up, even when away. We’re past worrying that I’ll jerk off when wild. I won’t. The idea hasn’t really crossed my mind in a couple of years. I just don’t think about doing it.

It’s not that I have amazing will power. I’m simply conditioned that masturbating is no longer something I do. I can’t explain why I’ve changed. The thing is that even if I still crave a wank, I won’t do it. Mrs. Lion would find out and would be very angry and disappointed. She’s made it clear that jerking off is only one tiny step below having sex with another woman in seriousness. I don’t know what she would do if I ever wanked. I don’t want to find out.

Wearing a cage makes me feel safer; not so much from yielding to temptation, but because it requires Mrs. Lion to do her part in our power exchange. The fact is that she would edge me and manage my orgasms even if I remain wild. It just feels “safer” to me when I wear one.

I imagine that when she knows I am caged, it gives her a sense of security and continuity too. That doesn’t mean I need to be locked up if the situation makes wearing a cage a problem. She knows I value her trust too much to risk losing it by jerking off.

Enforced chastity is a strange blend of physical restraint and mental control. It starts as a male fantasy. If you are lucky, it ends up as a sexual lifestyle that lasts forever. That’s what happened to us. My penis doesn’t belong to me anymore. It knows who owns it.

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    I should have said in my first message that pics or a quick FaceTime video confirms the number on the lock. My wife and I video chat almost every day I’m on the road and she uses that time to verify all is in place and nothing has been tampered with. Again, I can send you pics of the devices I use so you can DIY if you wish. No dick pics…I promise.

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