The Walking Dead

I know Lion is more used to travelling than I am, but this time I think he’s just as wiped out as I am. Except for that one trip when his flight was cancelled and he was up over 24 hours, I think this is his most tiring trip. We did a lot of walking. We had fun, but boy was it tiring.

I guess some people would consider it a non-honeymoon since there was very little sex involved. Lion did get a blow job on Saturday evening. He was very happy about that. And we had quite a few very nice dinners together. Only one would have been considered romantic enough for a honeymoon. But we had fun together. That’s the best part.

Now we’re home and Lion is planning his next trip in a few weeks. I’m not going with him this time. I’ll save my pennies and maybe I’ll go back early next year. In the meantime I’ll work on getting into better shape. A lot of walking also meant a lot of sitting. I have two blisters and my knee swelled up on the plane ride home.

I didn’t wind up spanking Lion while we were gone. I may or may not tonight. We’re both really tired and probably not in the mood for playing or punishment. Snuggling and watching football is more the order of the night. That may sound boring, but it’s just what we need to recover.

Lion did some things while we were gone that irritated me. I didn’t address them at the time because we were in public and we were both tired and sore from walking. I think it’s probably better to discuss them first. Any subsequent infractions can be dealt with during punishment. He was just a little short with me from time to time. Again, it might have had a lot to do with the fact that we were both barely able to shuffle forward on our feet. I know I’m more likely to snap at people when I’m tired. He may not have even realized he was doing it at the time. I think being in charge doesn’t always have to lead to punishment. Sometimes the infraction just needs to be pointed out first.