Traveling Lions

There’s nothing happening in the Lions’ Den right now except for a flurry of activity from me, trying to get packed and do everything that needs to be done before I leave tomorrow morning. Bright and early tomorrow morning. After an annoying five hour flight I will be with my sweetie. He’s excited. I’m excited but dreading the flight. I hate flying. Lion makes it all worth it though.

I forget which direction gives you jet lag, but I feel it both ways. I usually never go for longer than four or five days. I never really have time to get acclimated to the time difference. This time I’m hoping the touristy part will tire me out and help me sleep at night. Plus I will have Lion next to me. We always sleep better together.

Thursday night is punishment night. (No, Lion, that does not mean you are off the hook reminding me.) I will have a nice wooden hair brush with me. I know I owe Lion at least one set of swats. I’m sure he’ll do something else before then. He can’t seem to help himself. And I know I can swat him on Friday and Saturday nights if necessary too. I’m assuming the biggest chance for annoying me will come Sunday on our return trip. I just have a feeling he will interrupt me or make me feel like I’m doing something wrong. Travel and airports are his thing. I seem to have survived several trips east by myself, but I’m sure I’ll do something like a newbie that will aggravate him. And that will earn him some swats.

Beware Lion. 2.0 is going on vacation!