No Right Answer

We often get suggestions on how to conduct our enforced chastity. Interestingly, advice on domestic discipline is much less common. Most of the time, Mrs. Lion gets unsolicited advice about how long I should wait between orgasms and what sort of teasing I should get. There’s nothing wrong with people offering advice. We both read and discuss what people suggest.

I also try to figure out whether the advice comes from the experiences of the writer or out of the head of a guy fantasizing about someday being locked up. Generally, advice from people actually practicing enforced chastity starts by describing their experiences and then relating those experiences with things one of us has written. In stark contrast, advice from wannabe’s is full of “should’s”. Mrs. Lion should make Lion wait four months for an orgasm, or she should spank him four times a day.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that too. We both wonder why people who have never experienced any of this would have such definite ideas. Maybe enforced chastity looks a lot simpler from the outside. Perhaps it is arousing to pretend to be an authority. Or, worst of all, maybe the person is delusional and has built a fantasy world that we don’t quite fit into.

We both like comments of all sorts. The only ones I trash are fantasy stories couched as real-life adventures of the writer. They may be fine in one of the forums, but they don’t fit here. The reason I decided to write about this isn’t to discourage “should’s” and advice from the inexperienced. We love the participation. It seems to me that if you have no real experience but feel that you have an important contribution, that somewhere in the advice you state your level of experience.

It may be that some inexperienced people feel their advice will be ignored if qualified by stating their level of participation. The opposite is true. When someone writes, “I’ve never done this, but after reading your post it seems to me that you might consider (fill in the suggestion),” I take that advice seriously.

The simple fact is that for the last 30 months we have been groping our way through enforced chastity. Ever preconceived idea I had about how it should go has been proven inaccurate. What worked for us in 2014 may not work at all in 2016. Enforced chastity, like any other activity a couple shares, evolves over time. We get an idea or a suggestion from a reader. We try it. Sometimes it works perfectly exactly as suggested. Sometimes it doesn’t work at all. Or, it evolves into an integral part of our power exchange.

Inexperience doesn’t disqualify anyone from giving us advice. We take all but the most extreme seriously. We value other people’s ideas. The one thing I dislike most about enforced chastity and our other power exchanges is the lack of community. Every time someone sends us an email or offers a comment, It makes us feel less alone. Maybe one day we can have a lunch or a weekend event and share what we learned with each other. I’d love that.