Lion and I are quite a pair. Several weeks ago he hurt his shoulder and I hurt my knee. He’s been going to physical therapy. I don’t want to go to physical therapy. I know all the exercises from previous trips. If a chore involves climbing stairs, Lion is your man. If it involves reaching over your head, I can do it. Together we get the job done. It sounds too gushy and super sweet to say we are better together, but it’s true, even if we aren’t injured.

In a few weeks Lion is going on another business trip. It’s not that I can’t function when he’s gone, but I’d rather have him home. Or, more correctly, I’d rather be with him wherever that may be. He’d like me to go with him on his trip, but I’m not sure I’m up for it right now. I don’t know what my knee will feel like, and the touristy things he wants to do will be very crowded. Not to mention the fact that he’s having trouble finding a seat on flights. Besides, he’ll probably be making this trip in another month or so anyway. I can go then.

I’ve been thinking about why enforced chastity and FLR work so well for us. I think ultimately it’s because we work so well together. Yes, more schmaltz. I think once we identified the problem with our sex life, or once Lion woke me up to the problem with our sex life, and we started communicating we fixed us. I don’t want to say it’s perfect. I falter a lot. He pushes sometimes. But we work it out. I’m not sure if it was actually enforced chastity that did it. A lot of it came from the blog. I don’t know if we had decided that we needed to eat dinner at the kitchen table with no TV on every night so we could discuss things would have worked just as well. I think it was the perfect storm of identifying the problem, introducing enforced chastity and writing the blog every day that did it. We each go off and write what we’re thinking about and hoping for and the other reads it and digests it. Not that we’re afraid to talk to each other, but it’s easier to admit to wanting (or not wanting) something in the blog than it is in person.

I think it’s also helped that we email during the day. He’s never missed his requirement that he contact me by email or text on work days before noon. There have been days that I know his schedule is insane or he’s travelling that I’ll tell him he’s off the hook, but he usually at least texts a kiss. We talk about everything from how the day is going to what I have planned for him that night. When I know he’s in meetings all day, I find myself refreshing my screen to see if he’s snuck in a quick email. I look forward to his emails even if all he says is that he’s eating a salad for lunch.

I’m grateful that we managed to improve our already wonderful life together. And it’s all because of a cage and a blog.

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    I commend you two on having a unique and wonderful life together.

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