Icing on the Cake

Lion votes for daily teasing and/or play. He likes the attention. For now I’ll oblige him. The only times I usually take a day off is when one of us is tired or not feeling well, or if it’s the day after an orgasm. I figure Lion can’t possibly be horny enough for teasing the day after an orgasm. (I know that’s baloney. He’s just a horny boy.)

Even though last night started out badly (Lion was stuck in traffic for over an hour longer than normal), we did manage to do some snuggling and some teasing. Poor Lion was dripping pre-cum afterwards. How long can I make him wait? His scheduled date is tomorrow. Should I make him wait longer? I know most caged males wait far longer than Lion does. Our brand of enforced chastity doesn’t normally include long waits. Of course, Lion thinks any wait longer than three days is an eternity when he’s tree-humping horny as he is now. And I’m more likely to give Lion extra, or bonus, orgasms well before his scheduled date. What can I say? I love to make Lion come.

Right now I’m having fun torturing him by stopping just short of an orgasm. It’s funny when he grumbles about how horny he is. But it’s also true that I wish I could let him come. I know. I make the rules. I can make him come whenever I want to, but sometimes he should wait. He’s gotten a lot of bonus orgasms lately. He should at least make it to one of his scheduled dates. And he really hasn’t even made it all the way to this one because I’ve given him a few extras along the way. Actually he should have to wait until the next scheduled date. I just don’t think either of us wants him to wait that long. There’s really no point. As long as I’m the one deciding when he has his orgasm we’re fine.

So, unless I miss the mark tonight, Lion will wait at least until tomorrow. How much longer he waits is just icing on the cake. I like icing. I also like creme filling, which is why he rarely has to wait long for an orgasm.