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The lion might not mind, but Mrs. Lion certainly would and that would be very unsafe.

As someone once said, “Free advice is worth every cent you pay for it.” Yup, completely true. What caused me to mention this is that I have been cruising the chastity and FLR web sites. I am astounded by the instructions on how we should conduct our lives.

I have to admit that I provide written instructions too. There are a bunch of pages you can find from the top menu. I suppose the aphorism applies to me too. Should anyone follow my suggestions? Possibly. How do you decide which online advice is useful?

The method I use is to analyze context. Does the advisor share his or her life? Does it pass the smell test? That test is easy. Does what you read smell fishy? From my reading, the vast majority of chastity and FLR advice comes from men who are writing their fantasies and pretending they are real. That doesn’t mean there aren’t blogs out there with pretty extreme content that aren’t true. One in particular comes to mind: “Monkey In A Cage” . This couple rarely offer advice, but extreme as they sound, I believe their content is accurate and any advice they offer is based on real-life experience.

Their approach is very different from ours. Of course they are both much younger than us and therefore have more energy and stronger libidos. How do I know? I’ve read many of their posts. Like us, mostly they write about their experiences. For my money, you can learn way more by reading how people experience your kink than you can by reading lists of what you “should” do.

The big problem is that people who are new to something tend to seek out prescriptive information that they can read and potentially follow. Because I despair when I read the advice in forums and blogs about enforced male chastity, I wrote my own pages that can help people get started. I think my advice is probably more useful. It’s based on our real-life experience. We’ve done everything we discuss. I’m sure there are many other completely valid ways to approach male chastity and domestic discipline, I know our suggestions work for us.

I don’t advocate our methods over others. Whatever works for you is clearly the best advice. What worries me are the fantasy-based instructions. I suspect people try to follow these and give up on a practice they could truly enjoy if they only had better advice. Please take the time to do your homework before you follow advice on the Web.



  1. Author

    I agree with you. Much of what is out there reeks of pretense and fantasy. But there is a lot that seems genuine too. Readers need to be critical when they read. Something that seems unreal is likely just that.

  2. Author

    Maybe I don’t read that much but most of what I read has a ring of truth to it.

    I would include both your blogs, caged monkey; Thrill of the chaste, I’m hers, Denying Thumper, Lockednkept, Steeled Snake in that list. Not to mention Tom Allen’s Edge of Vanilla. Is there a tendency for these boggers to be telling their story as they get into it and then perhaps to die out when there is little new to tell? Maybe you disagree and think these are fantasy blogs.

    It seems to me that more of the ‘How to’ guides are female e.g. Vivian’s Married Woman’s Guide, Yoga Girl, Mistress Ivey and most of those articles on Real Women Don’t Do Housework.

    Strict Julie has a good guide but the blog seems to be towards the fantasy although she does admit that.

    One thing I do get is such a vast array of approaches yet also underlying similarities and themes. Are we males so easily manipulated?

    1. Author

      I shree about the blogs you like . I am a loyal reader of them all. And yes, it’s very easy to manipulate us.

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