Improved Access

I’ve been wild (no chastity device) for a few weeks now. Part of me misses the cage; another part is enjoying the freedom. There is no change in terms of my rules. I can’t touch sexually, masturbate, or have sex with anyone other than Mrs. Lion. I don’t take advantage of my unlocked state.

It’s true that I like the bondage aspect of wearing a chastity device. It’s a big reason I asked Mrs. Lion to lock me up. Perversely, I find being unable to get hard a big turn on. But I’ve discovered a potentially bigger benefit of being wild: easy access for Mrs. Lion.

My cage locks Mrs. Lion out almost as much as it locks me in. She has the key and can take it off any time she wants. But it takes extra effort to get the key, have me lie down, then remove the cage. Once it’s off, I remove the base ring. By that time any thought of spontaneous activity has long fled. When I am wild, all Mrs. Lion has to do is reach down. I am not permitted to wear clothes at home, so my cock and balls are always available to her. Impromptu teasing requires nothing more than deciding she wants to.

When I am caged, the device only comes off for teasing and then goes back on. I suspect from Mrs. Lion’s perspective it is in the way. She proposed that if the cage is visible when I am dressed for work, that I only wear it on weekends. But that’s the time she can really use unfettered access. From that perspective, the best time for me to be safely locked up is when she isn’t going to want a chance to tease me. This translates to when I am sleeping and when we are apart.

If the cage doesn’t show under my work clothes, perhaps it should stay on all day and come off as soon as we are both home from work. Then it can go back on before we go to sleep. It might be an easier routine to just do the unlocking before we prepare dinner and relock when we brush or teeth at night.

The alternative is to just leave the cage off for now. We know that enforced chastity doesn’t require a chastity device. It requires me to surrender sexual control and keep my hands off my genitals. I think it is unproductive to be locked up at times when Mrs. Lion may want easy access. And, by the same token, it makes sense for me to be locked when she can’t supervise me. It makes the least sense for me to be locked up only when we are together. At least, that’s what I think.