For a while I’ve wondered about getting Lion hard and then just leaving him alone. Sort of an edging without actually edging. I thought this was incredibly mean. Of course, I thought edging was incredibly mean for a long time.

Think about it. Lion is expecting an orgasm and here we go. On and on and on and stop. No orgasm. Mean! It’s the same deal with getting him hard. He’s expecting to be edged and, nope, no edging.

Then Lion wrote about doing just that very thing. OK. Maybe not exactly just that very thing. When I did it to him Thursday night, he told me he meant that I should get him hard when we weren’t playing. Ah. I see. Of course, that doesn’t mean I can’t do it for play too.

Lion also wrote about how often he should get to come. In the past, when I said I like it when he’s really horny, he said I shouldn’t give him an orgasm so he stays horny. I do know there’s a limit to his horniness. At a certain point he won’t be as horny. He says two weeks is optimum. Ah. I see. Of course, that doesn’t mean I can’t give him more orgasms.

The point is, I depend on his feedback. That doesn’t mean he’s topping from the bottom. He’s allowed, even encouraged, to tell me what works and what doesn’t. He’s allowed to tell me what he wants. I’m allowed, even encouraged, to ignore what he says. That’s my job. I take in all information and formulate a plan. Lion’s feedback is essential.