Roughing It

Of course you know we weren’t really roughing it. We have a Hilton on wheels. We’re on our second-to-last trip of the year. We’re going back to an area we’ve been earlier this summer. It’s really beautiful. But the best part is being with Lion. As always.

Lion wonders if we’ll play this weekend. I think his chances are good. Assuming our adventures don’t tire us out, he’ll have clothespins on his balls, or a sore butt, or something else he doesn’t necessarily want at the time but will certainly love. It’s been a long time since we’ve really played.

It is more difficult to play in the camper. Space is limited. But how much space do you need to put some clothespins on a pair of balls? I think it’s more of a mindset. We need to get back into playing. I need to get back into playing.

I’ll have to keep this post short so we can get on the road and to our destination.