Early Sunday

Lion is on his way to the east coast. I dropped him off at the airport at a too-early-for-me 6 am. I miss him already.

Although I said I’d punish him last night for his indiscretions, I didn’t. I know he needs consistency. I know I owed him swats for two things. But since we needed to get to sleep early, we played early and I told him I’d swat him afterwards. For some reason it just didn’t seem right to swat him right before bed. I don’t know why. So now I’ll have to wait a week.

I gave Lion his orgasm last night. Right before we started, he was looking to see what was on TV. One listing said “Best Blower Ever”. Lion said that was wrong. He said I’m the best blower ever. How did he know he was getting a blow job? He probably didn’t know, but it’s one of his favorite ways to get an orgasm and what better way to send him off on a business trip? I love doing it and I’m usually rewarded with a mouthful of cum.

When I presented Lion with his list of assignments, he was less than thrilled. I thought they were all doable, but he went down the list and rejected almost half of them. He better figure it out because he needs to earn twenty points in order to avoid punishment. There were two things worth ten points each that he said he can’t do. Too bad. They were an easy way to be done quickly. Unless I award partial credit, it may be difficult for him to reach twenty points. Poor Lion butt.

His next scheduled “maybe” date is the 20th. He was surprised it’s only a week away. It was supposed to be Monday on our wedding anniversary but that didn’t work out so well so I had to change it. He gets home late Friday so Saturday is the next reasonable day. He’ll definitely get his leftover swats then. Will he have new swats for not completing his assignments? We’ll have to see.

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    What were the tasks worth 10 points a pc. Mrs Lion?

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