What’s the Right Way?

Lion and I have been discussing a game for his earning orgasms. There will be ways for him to earn and lose points and a target for him to hit. When he reaches the target I still have the final say on when he actually gets the orgasm. So how does he earn points? How many points does he earn for each task? How many points does he lose for each task? How many points does he need for an orgasm?

Last night, while he was holding a butt plug, I suggested one point per hour of butt plug. He said that was too low. He said there’s nowhere to go with that. There has to be some leeway. He said Steeled Snake and Charmer use a goal of 1400 points. How would he ever earn enough points at one point per hour? Do I have to use 1400 points? Nope. Can I start with a million point goal? Yup. What if I decide each task is worth 50,000 points? He could reach a million in no time. Why 1400 points? Why not 1500? Why can’t I figure out my own system? We have the basics. I could start out at ten as the goal just to get a feel for things. What’s the right way to do it?

I think the answer is that there is no right way. It will be trial and error for us just like most things are. In the beginning I’m thinking of a goal of 50 points. He had the butt plug in for about an hour last night so he’s earned one point. If Lion isn’t horny on any given night he’ll lose two points. Last night I was edging him and decided to give him an orgasm. His pattern lately is not being horny for a few days after an orgasm. It doesn’t make any sense to me that he would fall into negative numbers so for the sake of ease, let’s say he cannot drop below zero. If he is not horny tonight he will be at zero points again. If he doesn’t squirm during punishment swats he’ll get one point. If he does squirm, rather than get extra swats, he will lose two points. If he makes it to a punishment night with nothing on his list he will get two points.

I’m sure we’ll tweak this along the way, but at least this is a start. As we see how it goes we can raise the number of points required to earn an orgasm and the number of points earned and lost for each item. We’ll also add other tasks to earn and lose points. I’m afraid if I launch into a full-fledged game right of the bat I’ll find it too difficult to do. If we take baby steps we (I) have a better chance of following through with it.


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    After a brief conversation about our game, Lion is concerned that he will lose points faster than he can gain them. He may never get to the bonus orgasm. The reason I structured the points the way I did was so he would concentrate on having less punishments. If he manages to go to his punishment date without any infractions, not only does he not get punished, but he earns points toward his orgasm. I thought it would entice him. But, as I said, we’ll tweak it along the way. My initial thoughts were just starting points.

    1. Author

      I follow your posts religiously. Thanks a bunch.
      Maybe I’m a stick in the mud, but it seems you’re just adding more to a full plate of tasks.
      When does it become too much work to just enjoy it?
      ps. I can’t imaging my bride being as invested in this as you are. Very Luck Lion!

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        Good question. It’s easy to imagine we are just working to do this. We both like to try new ideas. Most of the time they don’t last too long. If this point system is too much trouble, we will drop it. At this point, neither of us feel we are doing too much. It really doesn’t take up much of our day.

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