I’m in my hotel room thousands of miles away from my lioness. Today is our anniversary. It’s not a great time to be apart. We’ve discussed it and we agree that we celebrate our marriage every day, so this separation isn’t a serious issue. We’ll do something fun for our anniversary next weekend when I get back.

Saturday night I got a wonderful oral orgasm. I wasn’t fully back to good health and it took a lot of work for Mrs. Lion to get the desired result. I hate when that happens. I feel guilty she had to work so hard.

While I’m away I’m supposed to complete some assignments. I can ‘t do some of the high point value stuff, but I will do the best I can with the others. I used to travel often when we were first together, but for the last ten years I’ve been home almost all the time. I don’t expect too many trips with this job, but I know that a few times a year I will be traveling to the East Coast.

This is a short post because I am very tired and I just wanted to give y0u a quick update. See you tomorrow!