Lion did, in fact, get his last orgasm from his all-you-can-come buffet. I used the Magic Wand on him. Over the course of his bonus round he had quite a few orgasms in different ways. A few were hand jobs. A few were oral. At least one was with the Magic Wand. And, perhaps his favorite, was with me riding him. He’s been a very lucky boy. Unfortunately for him his next date is August 13. He’ll have to wait almost as long for the next one as he enjoyed all the bonus orgasms. I’m pretty sure he can make it though.

Today is Lion’s first day of work. They welcomed him with open arms. They even made a welcome sign for him. It’s nice to work someplace where they are genuinely happy to see a new person start. Usually you’re thrown into paperwork and people ignore you except if they need to train you and then it’s a very quick training. Why didn’t you get that? I did it for you twice. Sheesh! I think Lion will be very happy in his new home away from home.

I have no doubt that once we get settled into Lion working again, he’ll be ready for play again. I don’t know if he’ll suddenly decide he’s ready or if I’ll just decide to play with him. Either way, I suspect it will happen fairly quickly. Given his travel schedule this week, it may not happen till the weekend, but it’s coming. I don’t think I’ll plan anything. It’s not like I plan anything normally anyway, but I can’t see having the clothespins all ready to go whenever he’s ready. We’ll play it by ear like we do most things.

I still owe him some swats for something I can’t remember right now. It seems to me it was either for interrupting or annoying me in some capacity. Unless he re-offends, I’ll probably hold that till the weekend as well. He hasn’t been on a business trip in a while, so there’s a lot to do to get him ready. I don’t want to throw punishment into the mix. His butt is still mine. There’s no rush.

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    Best of luck to Lion in his new job. I’m sure he’s phenomenally relieved to have a new better job and be where he’s wanted.

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