Just A Dry Spell

OK. I know I said it before, but this time I mean it. Really. We need to get back in the swing of things. Lion hasn’t felt much like playing, but then that translates into not doing anything. I don’t think we’re in any danger of falling back into old habits. I am aware that he needs me to have any fun. I’m the one who suggests unlocking him even if it is just for Mr. Weenie to stretch his legs, so to speak. There’s only been one time Lion mildly growled that he didn’t want to be unlocked. And I ask him if he’s frisky if he hasn’t already volunteered the information. Since it was me who was largely responsible for the past sexual drought, by staying on top of things I’m thinking we won’t return to it. This is just a dry spell, not a drought.

I unlocked Lion yesterday to manscape him and then I left him wild. He was a little frisky, but we got watching the Sunday night game shows and it was late before we even snuggled. We were holding hands while we watched TV. The problem I have lately with snuggling is that the house is usually warm and it’s uncomfortable to be next to Lion, who tends to be a furnace himself. And then Lion gets itchy when we snuggle. He’s not allergic to me, but I think the combination of his allergies and the heat is too much.

It seems that circumstances are out to get us. Lion’s unemployment and allergies, coupled with heat, are a deadly combination when it comes to play and/or sex. We can fix the heat issue to some extent by turning on the air conditioning. Then I will only be dealing with my internal oven. I can vacuum more often to lessen Lion’s allergies. So then we’re “only” left with his unemployment. We’re both hoping he hears something today about the job he’s been interviewing for. They need to stop dragging their heels and just offer him the job already.

I left my weenie wild for the night. Why? I don’t know. It just seemed like the thing to do. He’ll be wild again this weekend for a long weekend at the shore. There really was no reason to leave him wild last night. I just felt like it. When we finally did snuggle as we were settling in for the night, I was fondling him. I couldn’t have done that if he was caged. I think I just liked the idea that we could fall asleep touching each other even if it is uncomfortable.

When I get home tonight I’m hoping there will be some celebrating going on. Mr. Weenie might see some action before being locked up again. Fingers crossed.


  1. Author

    I’ve just started venturing into male chastity and tease/deny with my BF. We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of his first steel cage today. This is definitely all based upon his suggestions, but I’ve found myself to be a willing and eager participant, with much credit going to the education you and Lion are providing on these blogs! However, in this entry, you said something that startled me and I would like some clarification if possible: what exactly did you mean about feeling “uncomfortable” while falling asleep with uncaged Lion? My BF sleeps naked and I often enjoy casually caressing him as we both fall asleep. Now I’m worried, could incorporating long periods of male chastity eventually make his beautiful nakedness seem uncomfortable to either him or me or both of us? Will my desire to caress him whenever I choose cease to be a pleasant experience for him?

    1. Author

      Let me reply for Mrs. Lion. In her post she said,

      “The problem I have lately with snuggling is that the house is usually warm and it’s uncomfortable to be next to Lion, who tends to be a furnace himself.”

      That was the “uncomfortable” she was referring to. She’s never expressed any issue with my cage being off.

      1. Author

        Ah, thank you for the clarification!

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