Lion and I are attempting to correct our recent miscommunications. Since he isn’t feeling very frisky in general, I will ask if he feels like playing before I just descend upon him with a butt plug or other toy. If he feels frisky, he will ask if we can play. Regardless of his friskiness, I’ll unlock him every night and we’ll snuggle. This will allow me to check for any sores or other issues with the cage. Frequent unlocking will help keep him centered in the cage so peeing is less problematic. And, as I told him last night, I can feel him up while we’re snuggling if the cage isn’t in the way. He liked that part.

The idea of asking if he wants to play seems to fly in the face of FLR. Shouldn’t I be the one who decides when we’ll play? I guess, but when you hit a rough patch you have to adjust. My job right now, and I think 2.0 agrees, is to support Lion. Although I said yesterday that 2.0 should just do whatever she wants, it’s not practical. I can’t make Lion be frisky. I can help him get frisky if he’s on the fence about it. Most of all, I can be there for him no matter what. I’m less concerned with his being broken than he is. I know it’s situational. It rarely lasts long. If he’s worried, he probably won’t be frisky. If I can get his mind off of being worried, he may be frisky. If he’s excited about his job prospects, he may be frisky. I won’t put any pressure on him one way or the other.

None of this changes the fact that Lion’s naughty bits are still locked up. I’m still the only one who can get at him. He does have his emergency key, but he still has to prove he had an emergency in order to use it. Enforced chastity is still humming right along. FLR is too. The rules are in force. He can still be punished for his transgressions. I have final say on what we do or don’t do. Everything is in place that was in place a few weeks ago. The only change is less play and that’s not part of enforced chastity or FLR. Oh, and probably less edging since Lion isn’t as frisky.

This too shall pass. The one thing that won’t pass is how much we love each other. That’s definitely a constant in anything that may happen.

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    How about offering him choices in what you will or won’t do at the moment? Such as, would you rather worship my feet or would you rather some anal play? That way you can both get what you need and still feel connected in a D/s level. Maybe he’s not in the mood to be played with, but would be more in the mood to see to your happiness. Or maybe a …would you rather climb over my lap for a spanking or run a bath and bathe me? Hope that helps open up even more discussion. Although you’re giving a choice, you still keep control of which activities are being offered. Best regards, Lady Esenem

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