Onward And Upward!

We played in the sling. After “warming” me up with the Silk large dildo (1-1/2″ diameter), she confidently inserted the 2 inch diameter Tantus dildo (NSFW image of it inserted). It hurt going in. She didn’t mind and continued inserting. When she got most of it in, she stopped and let me get used to the size. Then she gently pegged me, moving it in and out slowly. We didn’t get to the Rodeoh Brief Harness. Good thing. It was a bit much to take. I’m sure that with practice, I’ll be pegged full blast before long.

You can see in this image (also NSFW) that I was just barely getting hard. This is normal for me. It’s extremely rare that I maintain an erection when being pegged. Objects up my ass are not directly arousing to me. I am turned on later or when anticipating the next session. It’s the power Mrs. Lion shows by anal insertion, I think, that is so exciting to me. The visual evidence indicates that, like spanking, the actual act is not arousing.

Mrs. Lion also tried a capsaicin rub. This product from England, is formulated like a stick deodorant. Just rub it on the desired area. Mrs. Lion chose my perineum. She rubbed a bit on. Then she masturbated me. After a few minutes, I reported that I didn’t feel any heat. She put more on the same spot. A few minutes passed. Still nothing. I told her and she tried one last time; this dose was quite thick. She reported she could smell it.

Again more teasing. This time, after a few more minutes, I felt some mild heat. “No big deal,” I thought. Mrs. Lion went on and the heat built very slowly. I was very aroused and Mrs. Lion was edging me mercilessly. She got me oh so close and stopped. I groaned. After about ten seconds, semen dripped out. I felt the ruined orgasm. Mrs. Lion calmly looked on. She cleaned off the semen, and released the restraints. I left the sling, gracefully for me, still dripping. I hate ruined orgasms. It is the purest expression of Mrs. Lion’s power over me.

Meanwhile, the heat was building between my legs. It was uncomfortable, but not unbearable. We went back upstairs to snuggle under the covers. The instant my perineum touched the sheet, the heat intensified, almost making me yelp. As I lay back, the pressure on my perineum lessened and the heat became a bit milder. The heat continued for almost an hour. Capsaicin is very different from menthol. The usual, menthol rubs start burning quickly and die out after about ten minutes. The capsaicin starts later and hangs on. You can’t wash it off, by the way. Taking a shower will make it worse.

Mrs. Lion kept her promise. After watching the Giants lose yet again (2 and 10 this year), we went down to the dungeon. It didn’t take long to fix me in the sling. After some nice warmup (playing with my penis), she got out the Boy Butter and lubed me up. Then, she got out that big dildo and started it up my ass. It was really painful. I asked her if she could get me ready with the Silk dildo.

She obligingly did just that. then she began again with the 2″ diameter monster. It went in more easily this time. She proceeded to spend quite a while pegging me with it. It was uncomfortable, but not really painful. A few times I yelped softly. For the most part, I stoically accepted the intruder. Of course, I had no real choice. I was securely attached to the chains supporting the sling.

Then, something surprising happened. Mrs. Lion began masturbating me. That, in itself, isn’t unusual. She does that most times after pegging me. The thing is, I had a ruined orgasm on Saturday. In the past, my interest in sex the day after was very low. I was surprised how much I enjoyed the attention. She was even able to edge me a couple of times.

She put my cock in her mouth and began moving. It felt as though I hadn’t come in a couple of weeks. I had to remind myself, I ejaculated the day before. What was going on? I soon found out. Mrs. Lion kept sucking and gave me a huge orgasm. She told me there was a good amount of semen. In the past, orgasms spaced less than three or four days apart would yield little-to-no semen. Maybe there is something to the idea that ruined orgasms don’t reset the sex clock.

The only explanation for this new development is that the Saturday ruined orgasm was classically perfect. Only a portion of my semen supply was drained. My body didn’t recognize that event as an orgasm. Overnight, I think the residual heat created by the unsatisfying end to our sexual activity, signaled something inside of me to make more semen.

Whatever happened, it was a pleasant surprise to us both. The other surprise to me was that I could accept that huge, new dildo without being split in half. Onward and upward!


  1. Author

    Great Update. Thanks! Glad to hear you’ve moved up to a new toy. I too do not get hard when being pegged — always a little frustrated to see images on Tumblr etc that don’t jive with reality (or at least my reality).

    1. Author

      There are guys who get/stay hard during pegging. I’m not one of them. It doesn’t matter. The state of your cock isn’t important. Another area is. 🙂

    2. Author

      I don’t maintain my elections when being pegged either—at least most of the time. There have been a couple of times where I’ve surprised myself and stayed hard. I always figure the guys in those pictures are hard when the toy is inserted and pictures follow almost right away.

      1. Author

        Some guys really do stay hard. I guess they are wired differently than us.

  2. Author

    Great to hear the fun you both are having! Thanks for sharing! It’s inspiring.

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