I think Lion neglected to follow what he wrote in his own post. He wrote:

“If he persists, she gives him a painful bite. He never retaliates.”

Oh really? Last night’s behavior proves otherwise. [Lion — Is pouting retaliation?]

When we came home from dinner, I was in more pain than usual. I told Lion. I did try to snuggle with him at one point, but my neck was very stiff and I said it was uncomfortable to be in the snuggling position. I went back to my side of the bed and tried not to move too much. Everything hurt, but my neck was the worst. We ran through some TV shows we had recorded and then Lion asked what I wanted to watch. I picked a show, which I almost never do. A short time later, Lion got quiet and even left the room. When he came back, I asked if he was OK. He said, “Why wouldn’t I be?” I didn’t push it. I also didn’t push it when he didn’t speak for the rest of the night. Or when he rolled over and went to sleep without a kiss.

This morning was more of the same. I finally broke the silence by asking him what he wanted for breakfast. I suggested one thing but he didn’t want it. I started making something else and he didn’t want that either. Eventually he told me he doesn’t know what I want and that’s why he was mad. The short version is that he was disappointed because I didn’t tell him bluntly that we weren’t going to play. In the past, saying I’m very achy has been enough. Something changed. Now I don’t follow through with plans and I don’t do what I say I’m going to do. For the record, I didn’t promise or even allude to anything in yesterday’s post.

So, here we are, back to the beginning of 2.0, who emerged after a previous “discussion” about my achiness. No worries. 2.0 is back again. Since Lion insists on acting like a baby, he will be treated like a baby. When we get back from our errands today, Lion will be in a diaper. Any grumbling will be met with swats. On a bare bottom, not through the diaper. Tonight, although it is not punishment night, he will receive swats for the silent treatment as well as the missed good night kiss. Consider this the painful bite, Lion. And don’t even think about retaliating.

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    I haven’t read you folks’ next post yet, but this one sounds a bit icky…

    One of the wonderful things – perhaps the most valuable – that male chastity play can bring to a relationship is enhanced communication. This incident sounds like that was allowed to lapse, somehow. It’s good that Lion was able to articulate what was bothering him, the next morning, but that would have been nice to know earlier. (My previous wife and I had a rule: no going to sleep without getting any issues out into the open; even if not resolved, they at least needed to be expressed. This was a Good Thing to do…)

    It hurts to hear the “no kiss goodnight”. I can’t imagine that with my current wife, although to be fair we’re still sort of in the honeymoon phase (9 years and counting…). To be more direct:

    Lion, I have a great deal of respect for you; your intelligence, thoughtfulness, _joie de vivre_, and love for your wonderful partner. Please don’t let any passive-aggressive behaviors creep in – you’re a bigger _panthera_ than that!

    Having gotten that off my chest, I understand – from firsthand experience – the strain and concerns that you’re currently experiencing. I find it amazing that you so reliably maintain this public, transparent blog, even though it must often be one of the last things you feel like doing. Thank you so much for being a resource for those of us who have discovered this “lifestyle”, and for showing that it really can be part of a real-life, loving relationship.

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