Training Your Husband

Lion in his collar
Husband training doesn’t have to go this far, but it is nice to know someone will return him if he strays.

I was watching “Card Sharks”, the 1979 quiz show on satellite TV. That’s the show where contestants were asked survey questions. For example, in yesterday’s show, “Out of 100 married women, how many said they discussed training their husbands with friends?” The answer was a surprising (to me) 46%. Nearly half of the women in the 1979 survey not only considered training their husbands, they talked about it with friends. I’m sure those conversations were nearly always about non-sexual corrections, like picking up dirty clothes and helping with the dishes, but that isn’t the point. These women believed on some level that they had the right, even obligation to train their partners.

It’s not surprising that a wife would want to teach her spouse ways that would make living with him easier. But the operative word wasn’t “teach”, it was “train”. Training implies more than an educational experience. It suggests that the trainer has power over the trainee. In 1979 almost half of the women surveyed felt that they were in the superior position.

In the 1950’s, sitcoms often featured couples where the man was nominally in charge, but the wife actually called the shots by manipulating him in humorous ways. The wives were the “power behind the throne;” a theme that has been around since before Shakespeare. From time immemorial, the preferred tool of manipulation has been sex; he gets sex if he complies; if not she has a “headache.”

Here we are in the first half of the 21st century. I’m in a marriage where I want my wife to train me. Am I the evolved male? Have we males finally admitted that females are the superior creatures we should obey? Probably not. Isn’t it interesting that I found enforced male chastity and asked Mrs. Lion to take control? Isn’t It also interesting that we have permanently adopted enforced chastity and expanded it to a female led relationship? The power balance in our marriage is overt and consensual.

Manipulation is no longer necessary. Mrs. Lion can make a rule and I have to obey it or be punished. Punishment is direct and painful. Manipulation is not necessary. Rewards are also given and gratefully accepted. Like my brothers through the ages, the root of my submission is sex. Sex drew me to chastity device. Its promise of orgasm control made obedience arousing. The nearly constant need for release keeps me focused on my lioness and her wishes.

Now, into our third year, I realize that I have been trained to unquestioningly accept her authority. Turned on or not, I immediately expose my bare butt for spanking when she wants to punish me. When I make a mistake, violate a rule or annoy her and she gives me the “look”, I smile sheepishly and mentally prepare for inevitable retribution.

I think it is difficult for Mrs. Lion to accept her role. She’s never been the “train your man” sort of woman. But because she wanted to make me happy she accepted her superior role. I expect she would be in the 64% of “Card Sharks” women who did not discuss training her husband with friends.

She is making me happy. I love obeying her. I love being kept horny and wanting. I love that she will punish me, though I really hate the punishments. Ironically, outside of our marriage, I am very happy as a leader. I am an aggressive and reasonably fearless leader. I’m like my namesakes in Africa. Lions are fierce and stand at the top of the food chain. However, if he tries to have sex with a lioness who isn’t in the mood, she growls once and he slinks off and takes a nap. If he persists, she gives him a painful bite. He never retaliates. I come by my nickname honestly.