Leaving Well Enough Alone

Sleeping lionsHere comes a post I have a strong feeling I will regret. First, let me say that Mrs. Lion has been doing wonderfully as my disciplining wife. She has been noticing infractions and spanking me the same day I commit them. This is exactly what I asked. I imagine that over time the punishment will get closer and closer to the offense, possibly at the first moment we have privacy. The benefits this improvement provides goes two ways: It makes me understand in no uncertain terms why she is displeased, and it reinforces her role. We are both being conditioned.

I’ve noticed that my spankings have been easier to accept. I think that Mrs. Lion is being more gentle. I might be a bit better at holding still, but I’m not that good yet. I’m glad that she has reduced force and duration. But I think that she might consider experimenting with more to help me internalize her feelings and condition me to handle more. See? I’m going to regret this.

Since I have been worrying about getting work, she has also been a lot easier on me in the BDSM play department. This is a tricky area for us. She would never top me if I didn’t want it. I know from my own experience that sometimes it’s hard to enjoy topping. When I was dominant I would invent challenges for myself, well not really myself, but things that I would do in an attempt to “train” my butt to accept. Play spanking is an example of an opportunity to train someone to take more and more.

In our case, regular application of things Mrs. Lion (2.0 probably) knows I hate teaches me to become more submissive to her. This is especially true if I sigh or grumble and earn more of what I resist. Acceptance of my surrender is the goal of our power exchange. BDSM is a way of moving us toward that goal. I admit that I need to learn to stop sighing and whining. What do we do when one or both of us is tired? Exercising power doesn’t require energy. Putting me in a diaper doesn’t require either of us to exercise. It just makes me unhappy about sitting in pee. Mrs. Lion, that’s just an example. Right?

Inaction is our enemy. We are very good at stopping progress and inventing reasons for us to do it. I hope we won’t let that happen this time.