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njoy 2.0
The NJoy 2.0 is the largest NJoy butt plug. It measures 2 inches in diameter and weighs 3 lbs. Mrs. Lion has set accepting and holding this as a goal. When i do it, I get an orgasm as a reward.

Mrs. Lion is full of surprises. Over the last few months she mentioned anal training a few times and, in fact, had me hold the NJoy large plug for up to three hours. However, we only did this twice. Yesterday, she announced here that my next goal will be to accept the NJoy giant plug. It really is very big. The current plug, large is about 1 1/2″ in diameter at the widest point. The giant one is the NJoy Pure Plug 2.0. It’s a full 2″ in diameter and weighs three pounds. It’s a lot to take! She also wrote that when I finally accept it, I will get an orgasm as a reward. How nice!

Apparently, this is only the first act. Her goal is to fist me — insert her entire hand past her wrist in my ass. She’s tried this before. It gets too painful for me to continue at about four fingers to the second knuckle. She’s measured her hand and believes it is just under three inches across. So, it will be a full inch wider than the giant NJoy.

There may be some issues of technique as well. To her credit, Mrs. Lion likes to go in “bareback,” just her naked hand going up there. From my reading and attending workshops, I think it might be easier if she wore a glove. It offers a smoother, easier-to-lubricate surface and protects from bacterial transmission from her hand to my body. I think once she has gotten me used to her hand, she can probably take off the gloves, so to speak.

Anal play is a very interesting part of my chastity experience. For one thing, it is easy to do without taking off my cage. It is a unique combination of discomfort and erotic. Most of all, it is an unmistakable message about who is in control. Plugs are a very good way to train me to accept objects anally. They require little effort on Mrs. Lion’s part and will, over time, teach me to accept large dildos and her hand. Perhaps she will also consider pegging. I remember that in a previous post she discussed using the mini-mold of my penis and larger dildos in our collection in me. Time will tell.

My experience with anal dildos has taught me that I can generally accept one if introduced with lots of lube and inserted slowly. It is more difficult to handle the dildo being moved in and out, and most difficult when Mrs. Lion removes it entirely, allowing my asshole to close, and then quickly pushing it back in. I think that if she consistently does this with me, it will get easier for me to handle.

If you’ve never considered anal play with a man, you may wonder why he would want this. Some men can actually have an anal orgasm. There are a  lot of sensitive nerve endings back there. Many women learn to come this way. For me, it’s uncomfortable and up to now, not erotic while I am penetrated. But, like spanking, it’s a giant turn on to know that Mrs. Lion will do this to me even if I don’t like it at the time.

The bottom line in forced male chastity is control. For me, anal penetration is an uncomfortable and powerful control message. It is very exciting to think that I will present my ass for Mrs. Lion’s penetration. I guess that for me anal play is one more power exchange that I love to hate.

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    When I was all by myself (2013), I acquired what is called World’s Most Comfortable Butt Plug, medium, and practice going on shopping trips with it inserted.
    Then I got the blooming flower ass lock butt plug. I didn’t dare leave the house with that one inserted, opened, licked.

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