(Saturday, late afternoon) I’m sitting in front of my computer with nothing on but saran wrap and a pair of underpants to keep everything in place. We had a busy day of running errands and when we came back a little while ago, I asked Mrs. Lion if she wanted to do manscaping. This is a biweekly ritual when she shaves me and then uses the Bella Flash hair removal system on me. We bought this device about a month and a half ago. Treatments are every two weeks. We cheated the first week and did it after only one week’s wait. The second time we waited the full two weeks and today is the third session.

The powerful light is far from painless, particularly on my balls and perineum. To help make it more bearable in those areas, I bought some Numb Master gel. This is a 5% lidocaine preparation. To use it, you have to apply it liberally to the areas you want to numb, rub it in, add more on top, and then cover the area with plastic wrap. Then you wait between 30 and 45 minutes tightly wrapped for the lidocaine to take full effect.

So, after Mrs. Lion unlocked me, I applied the gel to my pubic area and in my butt crack (she is permanently removing all butt hair too). The butt cheeks aren’t sensitive enough to need the gel. Next, I wrapped myself up tightly and put on a pair of briefs to hold things together. I could have used packing tape to keep me tightly wrapped, but that would be more trouble for Mrs. Lion to cut away later.

After the wait, Mrs. Lion uncovers one area at a time, wipes off the gel and shaves the area. Then she uses the Bella Flash hair removal system on me. It still hurts a bit, well much more than a bit on my numbed balls, but it is manageable. The plastic wrap, aside from keeping the gel off surfaces I touch, assures it is in contact with my skin and also captures my body heat. The extra warmth helps the anesthetic effect. One side effect is that my penis ends up numb too. It’s too difficult to isolate it from the rest of the package. The anesthetic wears off one to two hours after it was applied. Sort of like a pubic dental appointment.

Does it really work? It does! A patch of hair that was growing directly north of my penis has thinned to invisibility. This area was all that remained above my cock when I had laser hair removal treatments about 12 years ago. Hair remained on my balls too; not a lot but enough to be very noticeable. It too seems to be almost gone. I had never had any hair removal treatments in back. Mrs. Lion reports that there is almost no hair there either.

That doesn’t mean we will be done soon. Hair follicles go dormant and activate on an irregular cycle. Even though we may have killed or badly wounded the current crop, there are dormant follicles that will start producing new hair. This cycle can take up to 250 days to assure that the entire population of hair roots has been treated. That means we have a minimum of 17 more treatments to go. After that is done, we only need to go back if new hairs are spotted.

I like the idea of permanent hair removal; not because it is convenient but because it represents a commitment. Simply shaving or waxing will allow the hair to grow back in a few weeks. This treatment assures that the hair is gone for good. Sure, a few stray hairs might come back over time. But anyone who sees my pubes or butt will know that something intentional was done down there.  I like that. I don’t want to be able to hide my surrender.

So here I sit wrapped tightly in plastic wrap writing this post. It feels quite warm down there. Hopefully the pain will be lessened when Mrs. Lion goes to work. As a former friend once said, “Lions don’t get to have pubic hair.” Oh the price of beauty!

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    The Bella Flash system is available in the U.S. I can’t say if you can get it anywhere else. Here is a link to a US retailer.

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